So many creative exercises to keep learning fun. My son loves the added Karate, yoga, ballet and music exercises and really looks forward to going to daycare everyday.
Jennifer B., Fulton Little Lukes


Great communication, very friendly/loving learning environment.
Michele S., Oswego Little Lukes


Affordable and convenient after school care.
Maria W., DeWitt Little Lukes


The staff truly cares for the children and it shows. They also do an excellent job communicating with the parents.
Magan M., Pulaski Little Lukes


I love that each week has a different theme that engages my child. It makes each day exciting and something new to look forward to.
Amanda S., Radisson Little Lukes


We love Little Lukes. Our son began in the infant room in 2012, and now is thoroughly enjoying Preschool. The entire staff has a gentle yet effective way of guiding and teaching our little ones in our absence. It is also extremely nice that center hours span from early in the morning to late in the evening. This definitely helps to ease my mind when I am running late from work.
Parent, Radisson Little Lukes


The kids really seem to like the arts and crafts projects. They also love having special guests (karate instructor, fireman, police etc.).
Graham S., Fulton Little Lukes


My daughter comes home from school so happy and excited to tell me about her day and her experiences!
Brandy E., Oswego Little Lukes


Teachers are excellent and course work is stimulating.
Kelsie M., DeWitt Little Lukes


The curriculum is outstanding! I love all the neat experiences you bring to the kids like karate, music therapy with Miss Nicolette, Mr. Len, yoga and especially snow shoeing!
Kristy N., Pulaski Little Lukes


My son smiles every morning when he sees his teacher! They are kind, patient, and professional.
Danielle O., Radisson Little Lukes


We notice the LOVE and CARE that is shown (and felt) the moment my son walks through the door of Little Lukes in the morning! Every person that interacts with my son makes him feel safe and loved. He loves coming every day!
Parent, Fulton Little Lukes


Our daughter loves her teachers and friends. We are very happy with our experience at Little Lukes. Clean classrooms, excellent crafts, healthy meals.
Ashley Y., Fulton Little Lukes


In just the few months since he has been attending, my son has shown a great deal of progress.
Ashley F., Oswego Little Lukes


My son is well taken care of, well engaged and seems to be well protected. I like the security measures in place.
Timothy H., DeWitt Little Lukes


My son has improved immensely at Little Lukes. We're extremely happy with the speech and occupational therapy options that Little Lukes provides.
Ashlee S., Pulaski Little Lukes


I am impressed by the curriculum, the interactive activities, the Brightwheel app, and most importantly the teachers and therapists. A quality program!
Kristi M., Radisson Little Lukes


I love all of the welcoming and friendly staff, the fact that preacademics are incorporated early on! My daughter asks to go to school because she loves it so much!
Parent, Radisson Little Lukes


Personalized care and attention.
Kim M., Oswego Little Lukes


The teachers and therapists are amazing with all that they do with the kids. We really appreciate how well informed they keep us on the progress of our child.
Jill G., DeWitt Little Lukes


The quality of care is amazing and I love all the employees there!
Amanda W., Pulaski Little Lukes


This daycare is the best around! We are so thrilled that our little one is able to experience the activities that are provided and the teachers are wonderful!
Sasha D., Radisson Little Lukes


My daughter came to Little Lukes at 6 months old, and from that day forward I have fallen more in love with this childcare center every day! It has a very inviting and cheery atmosphere; all the teachers and staff are so welcoming and nurturing and always wearing smiles. All the teachers and staff are very dedicated and compassionate, down-to-earth, hardworking, understanding and loving. I love how my daughter is always bringing home spectacular creations, taking part in new experiences, going on walks, playing inside and outside, and being cared for in an incredibly one-of-a-kind loving atmosphere, while my husband and I are at work. I highly recommend you checking out this treasured childcare center
Parent, Pulaski Little Lukes


Great staff! Fun activities.
Brittney H., Oswego Little Lukes


My son has soared with his language and interaction ability. The therapists are great.
Lindsey W., Radisson Little Lukes


The staff is trustworthy and gives us the sense of a family environment.
Parent, Radisson Little Lukes


Thank you for taking excellent care of my little guy. I appreciate that you always keep me informed about his day
Parent, Fulton Little Lukes


There are so many reasons for me to love Little Lukes. My children are treated wonderfully. The teachers and staff members always reach out and try to know everything about my children. Little Lukes has a wonderful and loving staff and show love to the kiddos daily. This is the only place I want my children to be.
Parent, Oswego Little Lukes


I am so grateful that my daughter is at Little Lukes. Her speech rapidly developed within the first month of attending. The smaller class sizes, individualized attention, curriculum and healthy foods are a win-win. Every time I pick her up, she has a happy smile and is ready to share something new!
Parent, Oswego Little Lukes


Little Lukes has been wonderful for my daughter. She has come so far from where she started. Everyone is friendly and she loves her teachers.
Parent, Pulaski Little Lukes


I feel confident my kids are safe and well cared for. They are happy and enjoy being at daycare.
Amber, Oswego Daycare Mom


I honestly think you guys are great. The communication is amazing. Love the teachers & staff. You all have helped our son so much.
Matt, Oswego Daycare Dad


Communication has been wonderful regarding my son's care. His teachers and all of the staff at the school seem to genuinely care about him, which is wonderful for a parent to see.
Kimberly, Oswego Daycare Mom


Caring for and teaching my child. I know he’s going to be safe there all day and some of the things he learns there help out at home also, like mealtime skills, potty skills, etc.
George, Dad with child in Oswego Preschool


In just the few months since he has been attending, my son has shown a great deal of progress. I am truly grateful for the wonderful teachers, TAs, and therapists my son works with every day.
Ashley, Oswego Preschool Mom


The price is high but it’s worth it for the quality of care my child gets. Every person smiles and genuinely seems to enjoy their job. Love their attitude and variety of activities!
Shelley, Oswego Childcare Center


I think the communication between the facility and home are great. If I have any questions or concerns, there is always someone there to answer. I think the quality of care and services from the Oswego facility is great.
Theresa, Oswego Toddler Mom


Everything. I love the personalized service. Everyone knows me by name and the atmosphere is just top notch. Connor loves his teachers, the staff and most importainly he loves going to school.
Connor's Mom, Preschool in Oswego


I can't thank Ms Kristen enough for the help she has gotten for Connor. I believe she helped set my son up for the success he is having now and also in the future. The rest of his teachers are wonderful too I see it when I come to pick him up he wants to give them hugs and say goodbye.
Connor's Mom, Oswego Preschool


The hours work well for what I need and my daughter is learning a lot.
Stacie, Infant Care Oswego


She gets on the bus right in front of my house and the drivers are great, she gets to school and everyone goes above and beyond to help my child learn and have fun and grow and even when she’s having a bad day they are so amazing with her.
Jessie, Preschool in Oswego NY


Doing everything possible to give the child everything they could need. Very knowledgeable staff.
Tricia, Preschool Oswego NY


Great communication, very friendly/loving learning environment. Everyone is always friendly and willing to assist my family to ensure my child’s needs are being met.
Michele, Parent of Toddler in Oswego


Happy you are allowing kids with disabilities in classrooms. You teach kids so much.
Jodi, Oswego Parent of Preschool Child


My son is getting excellent care with his therapists at this center. He has come a long way since he’s started and has a long journey yet to come! I like the availability of resources to help my son.
Kathryn, Baldwinsville Daycare Mom


This daycare is the best around! We are so thrilled that our little one is able to experience the activities that are provided and the teachers are wonderful!
Sasha, Mom of Baldwinsville Daycare Student


My daughter loves going to school, and the teachers there are outstanding. They really deserve a lot of credit with the time and effort that is given, and the amount of caring that is shown to our kids. They make an effort to know the child's name, even if they are not in their class.


I love that you provide a variety of activities, and a learning structure that is documented for us to view the progress throughout the year. The Brightwheel tool is awesome to have, and the teachers are on top with keeping us updated daily. The time spent doing this for each child is amazing.
Megan, Preschool Mom in Baldwinsville


Incredible improvement in my son. The knowledge of the teachers.
Jennifer G, Daycare Radisson


I am impressed by the curriculum, the interactive activities, the Brightwheel app, and most importantly the teachers and therapists. A quality program!
Kristi, Baldwinsville Little Lukes


I like the overall program..the learning activities are fun and interactive, the therapists are knowledgeable and effective, the teachers are happy, loving, and create an environment conducive to learning.
Kristi M, Radisson Little Lukes


My son smiles every morning when he sees his teacher! They are kind, patient, and professional. They encourage him to learn while playing and do many developmentally appropriate activities with him!
Danielle, Preschool Near Me


You have hired passionate lead teachers. Love the special guests.
Amy, Preschool Mom in Baldwinsville


I trust my child is learning and preparing for school while getting quality care. Education! The writing and learning! Also the fabulous activities you guys do including outside visitors for yoga, dance, music/theatre and karate!!
Tiffany, Baldwinsville Preschool Near Me


The level of care, communication and commitment make such a deep & lasting impact on so many children & families. There are so many supports & resources available to meet the need of every individual and the success of each family as a whole. It is all developed & delivered with heart and enthusiasm.
Meg, Radisson School Age Care Mom


The individual attention given to our granddaughter is most impressive. We also like the photos of her activities.
Thomas, Baldwinsville Preschool Daycare


The childcare and special needs program is amazing. My child loves coming to school and seeing his teachers every day. The teachers are awesome with my child, especially one on one.
Nicole, Syracuse Daycare


I am overly satisfied with the Radisson Little Luke's. The communication is top notch. Pictures and videos every day make not having my son with me so much easier.
Bonnie P, Radisson Daycare Mom


I feel my son has benefited most from the integration of his preschool classroom. It's so great for him to see everyone is different. I also enjoy all his therapy services in one place.
Mrs. Peterson, Radisson Preschool Mom


Courteous and professional staff, daily activities on brightwheel are a plus
Mrs. Watts, Radisson Preschool Near Me


Staff seem well qualified and caring towards the children. The staff in purple hippos seem to genuinely care about the kids and they do fun, engaging, educational activities together.
Steve, Baldwinsville Childcare Center


The quality of care is great. I am very pleased with all my sons teachers and the services are great. Kindness, Caring, Very helpful.
Suzanne, Baldwinsville Childcare Center


Good communication with parents of children with special needs.
Allan, Radisson Daycare Dad


Enabling children to be creative and respectful. Clean, great staff, approachable.
Mrs. Barkley, Radisson Little Lukes Preschool


Open communication. My kids are excited and happy to go to school each and every day! The teachers all appear to be very nurturing and attentive to each child’s needs.
Amanda S, Preschool Syracuse NY


I love that each week has a different theme that engages my child. It makes each day exciting and something new to look forward to.
Amanda, Syracuse NY Daycare


Keeping me posted on my child's milestones and seeing the excitement in her teachers' eyes!
Malinda, Daycare Central New York


Providing excellent care and education for my son. My son has made tremendous improvements in the special Pre k Class.
Cammeo, Syracuse NY Preschool


Energetic, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers caring for and educating the kids.
Ryan, Baldwinsville Daycare Mom


My son enjoys going to school. It is fun and educational. He also enjoys going to see his therapists. We have had a great experience.
Julie, East Syracuse Daycare


The entire staff is really good with our son- everyone knows him and reaches out to him. We love seeing that he is so well cared for!
Jessica, Dewitt Little Lukes


Taking such good care of our child and always updating us. My son is so loved and cared for.
Tracy, East Syracuse Childcare Center


The teachers and therapists are amazing with all that they do with the kids. We really appreciate how well informed they keep us on the progress of our child. Everyone that we work with is wonderful. As parents with a child that has special needs we are very grateful that our child is able to get all of her therapy during school.
Jill, East Syracuse Daycare


Programming is balanced: learning, structure, free play time. Also like the developmental screenings.
Mario, East Syracuse Daycare


Thoughtful report cards, great/engaged teachers, clean facility, great hours.
Laila, Daycare in E Syracuse


I have no worries when my baby is in your care which is priceless ....EVERY teacher and staff member know my little girl by name and she gives ALL of them hugs before she leaves EVERY day!!!
Chris, Dewitt Daycare Center


We love all the activities that you plan with the children. The teachers go above and beyond and we really appreciate the care that they provide to each and every child.
Alissa, Dewitt Childcare Center


Helen, Syracuse Daycare Near Me


From what we can tell the services you provide for our son are amazing. He has grown so much since the fall. Everyone seems to genuinely care about our son. The communication is excellent.
Timothy, Full Time Daycare Dewitt


My child always seems very happy to be there. I like the consistency.
Stacy, Daycare in East Syracuse


Safe and secure, friendly and welcoming staff.
Matthew P, Daycare Center East Syracuse


Teachers are excellent and course work is stimulating. My child is happy. Doing a great job!
Kelsie M, Dewitt Childcare Center Near Me


Teaching the kids in fun and active ways! Everyone is always super friendly and willing to help! I like that my son can receive his therapies during his school day.
Stephanie H, Dewitt Daycare Center near 481 & 690


U guys have helped my son so much and I would not change anything - U are there to help kids with all kinds of disablites and that is amazing I am very impressed with all the services that each kid receives
Dennis D., Preschool in Syracuse NY


Love the online app. That's allows communication between parents and teachers and allows working parents (like me) easier access to our childs progress and up-coming events in school.
Heather Anne, Daycare near 481 and 690 Syracuse


I love how amazing the teachers are with the kids it make me feel good about sending my child there daily. I also really like the app and get real-time update on how she is doing. The staff is really wonderful.
Amy C, Dewitt Daycare Near Me


Caring educated staff. Hours, staff, app are all great.
Tracy, Syracuse Childcare Openings


The teachers in the classroom are amazing as well as the communication via notebook and the use of brightwheel.
Marlo, Preschool for Special Needs Children


Doing well: Individualizing the specific needs, goals and successes for each child’s special qualities and desires. We like: Open communication, specialized individualized care for each child’s needs, desires and strengths
Megan H, Mom of Special Needs Preschooler


Little Luke's is great my child has learned many words and vocabulary since attending Little Lukes.
Xiao , Daycare Dewitt


Teachers attention to kids and communications to parents is great.
Winnie, East Syracuse Daycares


Staff is always friendly and helpful. We love being updated with pictures throughout the day. Activities are educational and developmentally appropriate.
Stephanie M, Quality Daycare in Syracuse


My child was behind with his speech and communication skills and now he can put together small sentences. Everyday learning. I see that he is getting a lot smarter every day.
Marcus, Syracuse Area Daycare


•You have some of the best hours of operation in the Syracuse area •Your staff/teachers seem to really love the children they care for • There are fun activities planned where you bring people in to do Yoga, Karate, sing, dance etc. •Good plans to help your child on the right track (smiley face chart)
Kali, Toddler Daycare in Syracuse


A variety of activities, inclusion of diverse kids, enrichment if kids are accelerated. Affordability, convenient hours, quality teachers.
Joe W, Syracuse Area Daycare


Affordability, convenient hours, quality teachers. Kind and caring staff, always available to accommodate children and family needs.
Bonnie R, Preschool programs Syracuse


Affordable and convenient after school care. Friendly staff. People are great!
Maria, After School Care J- Dewitt School


We especially like teachers who go above and beyond to connect with the kids and ensure they get what they need to progress. They are very personable and work with parents to keep them informed of their children's progress which is appreciated.
Danielle S, Syracuse Toddler Daycare


You guys are very on top of things and keep the children active.
Quanasia J, Syracuse Childcare Center Openings


The staff truly cares for the children and it shows. They also do an excellent job communicating with the parents. I love how close the location is to my work and how caring the teachers are.
Magan M, Pulaski Daycare Center


You’re doing well helping my daughter learn how to socialize, use the potty, working on her fine motor skills, and she’s excited to go to ‘school’ everyday! I like how breakfast and lunch are provided. I love the Brightwheel app!! I love how the teachers are great with the kids and I love how they bring the kids outside to play as often as possible!
Ashley R, Pulaski Daycare Center


We are very happy with the care and attention given to our son. The staff is very friendly and I know he is receiving just as much love as he does at home. We think his whole personality has blossomed since he began attending. We wouldn’t consider taking our soon to be arriving second little boy anywhere but Little Lukes.
Ally B, Pulaski Preschool Program


The curriculum is outstanding! I love all the neat experiences you bring to the kids especially snow shoeing! The location, the hours, and all the outstanding teachers, teaching assistants, and the amazing director! I always feel like my daughter's safety, education and best interests are put first.
Kristy N, Preschool in Pulaski NY


I love the brightwheel app. It allows me to feel connected to my son all day and reassured that he is doing well. I like that the kids get outside whenever it is nice out.
Ashley L, Pulaski Toddler & Preschool Care


My child is happy to go to daycare and is learning while he’s there. Can’t get better than that.
Betty, Pulaski Preschool Care


Helping my child learn, be more independent, and kind. You are doing a great job.
Graham, Daycare in Pulaski NY


Pretty much everything. Little lukes is a place where my kids get to play, learn and develop skills for the future. The staff treat my children like they are their own. They truly care.
Kelly D, Pulaski Daycare Centers


Overall this has been amazing for my son. The communication has been great with the teachers. I like inclusion preschool class that is offered, the therapy services that are given right on site, the summer program for preschool
Norma, Preschool Pulaski


I absolutely love everyone at the center. I think it is very professionally ran, and you do hire a very caring and wonderful staff. I love that the staff works very hard to get the children outside to play as much as possible.
Dennis, Preschool Pulaski NY


Activities and reading with the children. There's always fun project stuff planned.
Gabrielle M, Daycare in Pulaski NY


Employees are kind and don't mind discussing the child and also if parents give a request they do it
Tabathan S, Infant Toddler Preschool Care Pulaski NY


Provide great overall care, and exceptional service. Willingness to help when we forget certain necessities.
Melanie, Daycare Pulaski Area


Willingness to help when we forget certain necessities.
Gia, Pulaski Daycare Center


How well my child is cared for and how professional the staff is. The care of my child and the support of any decision that we make.
Tom, Pulaski Daycare Near Me


Kindness and understanding and sincerely loving the children. They really help the children progress.
Shauna R, Preschool Daycare Full Time


My son has a very strong relationship with the teachers in his room.
Tonya, Pulaski Preschool Program


My son has improved immencely at little Luke's. We're extremely happy with the speech and occupational options that little Luke's provides.
Ashlee, Little Lukes Pulaski


The parent communication is great. I never feel in the dark about what’s happening every day. I love that the children get outdoors time nearly every day, and they have special visitors to teach things like ballet and karate!
Kimberly R, Pulaski Little Lukes


The quality of care is amazing and I love all the employees there! The quality of childcare and love that the teachers give to the children!
Amanda W, Best Daycare in Central New York


How that make you feel comfortable about the kids going there. Show how caring they are about the kids.
Walker, Pulaski Preschool


Attentive to my sons needs and progression in class and therapy’s.
Meghan G, Daycare Openings Near Me


Im completely satisfied with my son's services at the preschool program. I wouldn't change it. His sensory needs have improved so much in the time he has been there.
Cortney K, Preschool Pulaski


The teachers have all been fantastic with my children. They seem to be very understanding and accommodating as my children transition to a new daycare/preschool situation and their first time apart from one another. I also love the school work that my daughter brings home on a daily basis!
Robin, Pulaski Preschool Center


The teachers are amazing people who care so much for the children. I like the individual care given.
Meg, Pulaski Daycare Preschool


So much! My little guy thrives at Little Luke’s! Daily updates, tight but friendly regulations on letting people pick up or go into classrooms, willingness to adapt to children’s needs, events-always something fun going on. Excellent excellent teaching from lead and assistant teachers and your specialists are miricle workers-we get speech therapy and OT and they are both over the top amazing
Sarah F, Fulton Daycare Center


I appreciate how willing you have been to adapt to my child’s needs and have facilitated an environment he can thrive in.
Sarah F, Fulton Preschool Full Time


The teachers are always friendly and helpful and always greet me upon arrival. If my child is acting shy or sad at drop offs they are always ready to help out and get my child engaged in whatever activities may be happening without hesitation or prompting.
Sarah N, Fulton Daycare Centers


Our daughter loves her teachers and friends. We are very happy with our experience at Little Lukes. I like the use of the Brightwheel app. It is a great way to stay connected with the classroom and teachers.
Ashley Y, Fulton Preschool & Daycare


Clean classrooms, excellent crafts, healthy meals
Ashley, Fulton Preschool Program


Very friendly staff, welcoming, educational. My daughter has grown and learned so much in the 2 years she has been there. My daughter loves it there which is comforting as a parent. I’ve never seen any staff member treat a child poorly, which I’ve witnessed at another daycare. I love how there is a curriculum for the kids. And the weekly price rate is the most affordable I have found compared to other area daycares.
Danielle T, Daycare Fulton near 481


I appreciate the time everyone takes to encourage my son to complete tasks independently, even when the faster option would be to just do it for him. The staff at Fulton Little Lukes stands out the most - they are all friendly, patient and endlessly kind.
Rachel , Daycare Center Fulton NY


Convenient hours, fantastic teachers, good communication with parents. Love the use of the Brightwheel app, getting pictures makes my day.
Rachel , Fulton Daycare Program


You make it fun to learn and give the kids options :) I LOVE the bright wheel app!! I love how you guys do one on one with the kids to give them special attention
DaMara M, Fulton Preschool & Daycare


The kids really seem to like the arts and crafts projects. They also love having special guests (karate instructor, fireman, police ect. ) Teacher interaction with the kids seems to be done very well.
George, Full Time Preschool Program Fulton


My son is loved and learning new things everyday. We are just thrilled with his teachers and the progress. I love that he always has new and fun things going on. Karate, yoga, special celebration days.
Kami S, Fulton Preschool Program


curriculum and play, high staff to student ratio. small class sizes, lots of play
Rita P, Fulton Preschool Daycare


The multiple learning programs IE. Speech and physical therapy. We love family oriented stuff.
Shane, Fulton Preschool for Special Needs Children


Lots of fun activities and creative learning to prepare for kindergarten
Danny, Daycare in Fulton


Communications-letters and verbal Caring for our child both emotionally and educationally
Kari T, Fulton Preschool & Childcare Center


Connection with our kids while they are at the Center. Everyone is really nice, understanding. Communication between the teachers and families. Love how much he has improved since being in school. He absolutely loves going to school every day. Which makes me happy knowing he is taken care of.
Tabatha T, Fulton Preschool Daycare


Y'all are doing a great job. Love how well the children are treated. My son has came along way since beginning at little Luke's. Before he couldn't even say mommy and now he can talk a good bit.
Angel W, Fulton Daycare Center


So many creative exercises to keep learning fun. My son loves the added Karate, yoga, ballet and music exercises and really looks forward to going to daycare everyday. I appreciate them all. The early drop off and late pick up times, the passionate teachers, great learning curriculum.
Jennifer B, Fulton Daycare Openings


You take the time with both of my kids to help figure out ways to handle situations. Like how friendly the staff is!
Dawn D, Fulton Childcare Programs


Continuing to make sure my son reaches his goals and supporting him all the way! The availability to have all services in one location. Speech therapy, occupational and teaching all in one!
Tiffany B, Daycare Near Me


My daughter has done well with her speech and development in the toddler room.
Chris, Daycare Near Me


Ensuring that my child is safe and that his individual needs are attended to.
Amanda, Child Care Openings


Rooms are engaging and fun and educational. The teachers do great activities with the kids and kids get personalized attention. The day and room are well structured. Director is very responsive to questions and concerns.
C. Parker, Pulaski Little Lukes


Good teacher-parent communication. Engaging curriculum for the kids, my daughter has learned so much in the pre-k program. She passed her kindergarten screening with flying colors last week and I can attribute that to Little Lukes!
Kimberly R, Pulaski Little Lukes


Wonderful care of my child, great activities and excellent learning materials/school prep - also very trustworthy, kind, and flexible staff!
Elizabeth Z, Pulaski Little Lukes


The teachers and staff really care for the students and push the students to be their best personally and academically.
Jackie R, Pulaski Little Lukes


The structure at Little Lukes is very much appreciated and the kindness that my son receives from the staff is very heartwarming. We love the amount of activities that our son gets to do at Little Lukes. The staff is always so friendly and works well with us.
Cathy, Pulaski Little Lukes


I love the updates and photos daily. Gives me a piece of mind that my baby is taken care of. Also love the crafts they bring home and all the things they do.
Melanie, Little Lukes Pulaski


The people that work at Little Lukes Pulaski love the kids. It shows it their daily actions and the kids love to be there. That can only come from great people providing excellent care.
Emily, Pulaski Little Lukes


Teaching, patience with the children. You can see that the staff enjoys what they do. Your school and staff are great.
Candice, Little Lukes Pulaski


Having patience while we are in the process of potty training. I think you all do an amazing job for my family!
Katrina, Little Lukes Pulaski NY


Lots of structure, learning activities, and crafts with the kids.
Ashlee, Pulaski Little Lukes Preschool


I like the communication I have with teachers in the room.
Tabatha, Little Lukes Pulaski NY


Providing a fun and friendly learning environment for my shy and anxious son! It has been an amazing experience for him.
Crystal W, Oswego Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center


Communication is phenomenal. When ever there is an issue or concern, it is taken care of promptly. I really like the program.
Candi L, Little Lukes Oswego NY


The teachers connect well with the kids. My daughter absolutely loves being in her class and loves her teachers.
Sarah L, Oswego Little Lukes


I like the security of checking children in/out.
Kaylee, Oswego Little Lukes Preschool


I think that the Oswego Little Lukes is amazing. My son has made a drastic change in just the short time he has been there. He is trying to communicate more efficiently using less sign language than before. Working with Children that need a little extra help makes all the difference to parents like me. My little one loves going and learning new things. Keep Up the Amazing work!!!
Ashley J, Oswego Little Lukes


The brightwheel app is amazing as a parent of an infant to see how much they are eating and sleeping throughout the day puts my mind at ease. The pictures are so nice to see also to see how happy she is everyday! I love the yellow elephant room at Oswego Little Lukes!
Kristin R, Little Lukes Oswego


Our child loves going to school and has come so far since he began attending Little Lukes! We could not be more pleased with his progress and your service and dedication! We feel confident every day that our child is well cared for while at school. You all really do everything so well!
N Nicholson, Oswego Little Lukes Preschool


You help children open up and grow. You do great things at Little Lukes.
Nichole S, Fulton Little Lukes Preschool


The teachers are very kind and patient. My daughter loves going to school and she has learned so much. She will be very prepared for pre-K this fall. Thank you!
Ashley Y, Little Lukes Fulton NY


I love that the staff is very adaptive when approaching different personalities and learning levels. I love that the center is dependably open despite weather. I love the use of brightwheel (especially the photos).
Brittani, Fulton Little Lukes Preschool & Daycare


Your communication with the parents is awesome!! My son looks forward to going to school each and everyday.
Cam L, Fulton Little Lukes


The services my daughter is receiving has helped her greatly!!
Erica L, Fulton Little Lukes Preschool


Communication is great. Between Brightwheel and verbal, we are not missing a thing!!
Serena , Little Lukes Fulton


Brightwheel is the best. The teachers in purple hippo are excellent. We are very fortunate to have Miss Rachel who has a teaching degree, she is amazing.
Fran P, Futon Little Lukes


Your special education services are excellent.
Jennifer G, Radisson Little Lukes


Everything is done well at the Radisson Little Luke’s.
Evan T, Little Lukes Baldwinsville NY


Great staff, caring and nurturing, great curriculum, nice facility, love brightwheel app!
Kristi M, Radisson Little Lukes


Lots of educational activities presented in a fun, engaging manner - great pre-school prep! We are very pleased with the care our son receives.
Lauren S, Radisson Little Lukes Daycare


EVERYTHING, everyone has been so patient, always in good moods, and so understanding with everything. They ALWAYS go above and beyond to make sure my son is happy and comfortable and they always keep me very well informed with him. The staff are all absolutely amazing! Could not ask for anything more!
Veronica A, Radisson Daycare - Little Lukes


My son had learned many skills like reading, writing, counting and following rules very well.
Mrs. Salamone, Little Lukes Baldwinsville NY


We love the structure that the center provides and all of the educational activities. We love everything about the center. The care and education that our child receives is amazing!
E Barone, Little Lukes Baldwinsville Daycare


Very good curriculum that appears to prepare kids for kindergarten
Kidder Family, Little Lukes Radisson


Enrichment activities. Preschool program. Great all around.
Ryan N, Radisson Little Lukes


Communications and making my daughters transition smooth.
K. H. , Radisson Little Lukes Daycare


The constant communication with us about day to day activities and progress towards goals is outstanding. We are very happy.
Thomas C, Radisson Little Lukes Daycare


Education program is awesome.
Janie, Baldwinsville Daycare


The curriculum my child has. I feel like he knows so much for his age. Kind and caring teachers.
Mueller Family, Baldwinsville NY Daycare


Teaching students and giving many opportunities to play and explore!
Bella, Radisson Daycare NY


Your staff is highly trained and work great with my son.
Kyle S, Radisson Daycare Center


Excellent and supportive staff, communication and including parents and families in events.
Linda K, Baldwinsville Preschool Center


The childcare in the Waddler Room is expectional. Our daughter is personally care for.
Stacey K, Radisson Daycare centers


My son is in a great place to start school, so he is learning a lot and having fun.
Fults Family, Radisson Daycare Center


Communication is excellent! Daily notes and use of Brightwheel. Little Luke's has been an excellent placement for my son.
Henderson Family, Radisson Preschool Program


Our child receives a great education and social skills reinforcement. We are always kept up to date with everything that is going on at her school.
Grimmett Family, Baldwinsville Daycare


You are always there for my son when his mom needs coverage. The care and staff are excellent.
Doug T, Dewitt Little Lukes


My child’s teachers are wonderful, caring and clearly put in a lot of effort everyday to help him be successful.
Cowen Family, East Syracuse Daycare Center


It is clear from the learning and growth I see in my child that the teachers are taking time to work with her and improve her skills.
Sarah P, East Syracuse Preschool Program


Very organized facility. Also, great job getting the kids in/out. I bring my son, but am always impressed how they deal with the buses.
Cook Family, Dewitt Daycare Center


The everyday update on what my sons doing and the brightwheel app is really nice. My son also loves his school days and always comes home talking about something that was going on that day. All in all we love little Luke’s.
Mike F, Dewitt Childcare Center


The children do lots of activities, including outside playtime. I also really like the app and the picture sharing.
Danielle F, Dewitt Little Lukes


Personable and involved and set my mind at ease that my son is in a good place. So far it has exceeded all my expectations and worries from other people. My autistic son loves it here.
Junie, Dewitt Little Lukes


Little Luke's has helped my grandson by leaps and bounds, he now talks, is able to communicate and loves school.
Beckie S, Best Dewitt Daycare Center


Little Luke's has helped my grandson by leaps and bounds, he now talks, is able to communicate and loves school.
Mario D, Syracuse - Dewitt Daycare Center


The teachers are amazing. They are great at communicating with us. We love the teachers! They have been absolutely amazing.
S. P. , East Syracuse Preschool Program


The staff has always been very helpful and great with my kids. They also always keep me well informed and discuss solutions if there is any problem going on.
Helen R, Little Lukes East Syracuse


Many things, I think everyone cares so much for the children which is most important.
Jenson Family, Best East Syracuse Daycare


Definitely good to have a preschool with a routine. I have seen a huge improvement with my child.
J. D. , Inclusion Preschool E Syracuse NY


Yellow elephants teachers show my baby so much love and affection. They send me photos almost daily. It makes me so happy to know these women who are caring for him love him like their own.
Busch Family, E Syracuse Daycare


My son is so happy to go to school everyday and be with his friends and all of your staff. All of you are amazing in every aspect very very pleased
Cayden, Daycare East Syracuse NY


Love the different learning activities and love the bright wheel app!
Jeremy M, Dewitt Daycare Center


Friendly and attentive staff, washing blankets, offering meals and snacks, organized, only closed a few days per year.
Angela , Dewitt Daycare Center