Inclusion Preschool FAQs

Milestones operates an inclusion preschool program within Little Lukes. Milestones provides high quality childcare and recognizes the need to provide families with additional, educational information. Please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions, or choose from a selection below.

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What age child can qualify for Inclusion Preschool?

Children ages 3 to 5 years.

How do I get my child into Inclusion Preschool?

If you have concerns about your child's development, start by calling your local school district to refer your child for an evaluation. An evaluation is required to determine eligibility and which services are needed.

Who will conduct the evaluation?

Professionals at the evaluation include a school psychologist and either a special education teacher, or a physical, occupational or speech therapist based on your area of concern.

What is the CPSE?

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) includes educators and administrators from your local school district, a county representative and a parent representative. The committee creates education plans for children with special needs and the child's parents are included as a member of the committee.

How soon will I know if my child is eligible for services?

The CPSE may also recommend a special education preschool classroom, half day or full day. Some programs are integrated with typically developing children, others are segregated for only children with special needs. The CPSE may also recommend therapy services, which may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy. These services may be provided during the preschool day.

Can Little Lukes provide the services?

Milestones operates inclusion preschool services within Little Lukes childcare centers. You may choose Milestones from the list of approved service providers. Milestones offers a full day inclusion preschool program. The in-house team of Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapists may provide recommended services during your child's preschool day.

Are the professionals working with my child licensed or certified?

Milestones' certified special education teachers provide group instruction for preschool children. The licensed therapists provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services as outlined in the child's IEP.

Is this an academic based program?

Milestones' program includes reading, math, science, and writing. Your child's early education is the foundation for future success and life long skills.

Will my child be challenged?

Milestones recognizes that not all children develop at the same rate. For that reason, programs are implemented to accommodate the variety and diversity of each individual. Milestones' program challenge each child through interaction, activities, and various materials to meet your child's needs.

What will my child do during the day?

Your child will participate in a wide variety of well-planned, developmentally appropriate activities. For example, a typical day will include an art experience, time to work with puzzles or toys that will encourage fine motor development, music activities, outdoor games and play to encourage gross motor development, science experiments, and story time. Your child will also have designated time for quiet activities, and free play. The teacher will provide guidance and support during these activities to encourage normal development. We also focus on helping your child form friendships and develop a healthy and happy self-image through socialization, personal awareness and communication skills. To view a sample program schedule click here.

Does my child have to eat the lunch and snack that you provide or can he/she bring in her own?

We discourage children bringing their own because we provide nutritious, well-balanced, lunches and snacks. We encourage children to try a taste of each food unless they are allergic to the food. We never force children to eat and we never use food as a reward or punishment. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons (no appetite, illness, etc.) children are not hungry and we respect this. We can accommodate children with dietary restrictions, including gluten free diets.

How do you safely administer medication?

We require authorization from the parent and physician (prescription label serves as this on prescription drugs). A medicine log is kept and only designated individuals can administer medication.

How structured is your program?

Preschool programs are highly structured. Teachers follow a posted classroom schedule

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