Top Five Reasons to Choose A Career As A Pediatric Speech Therapist

Top Five Reasons to Choose A Career As A Pediatric Speech Therapist

Graduating High School is one of the scariest yet exciting experiences of your lifetime. You’re finally done and ready to branch out into the “real world,” yet you still have no idea what you want to do for the rest of your life. That’s okay, this is more common than you think it is. It is important for you to know that you’re not alone. When beginning to choose a career, one career to take into consideration is Speech-Language Pathology. This career is not only rewarding for the children that you will be working with, but it is also rewarding for yourself. Here are our top five benefits of choosing a career as a pediatric speech therapist.

What is Pediatric Speech-Language Pathology?

Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists work with children to help them grow and improve their language skills. This includes verbal and non-verbal language skills. One aspect of a pediatric SLP career is to help children who struggle to form words and sentences to effectively express their opinion and thoughts through speech. They help children to form complete and straightforward words and sentences in order to communicate effectively. Another important task that an SLP handles is helping children to understand the information that others are communicating to them, both verbal and nonverbal. SLPs also help children to better articulate and communicate language physically.

Why Choose Pediatric Speech Language Pathology Jobs?

Job Security

Pediatric speech therapy is a necessity for many families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the speech therapy field is growing much faster than average at 27%. Because of the faster than average job growth, there will be many job options for you to explore upon graduating. At Little Lukes Pediatric Therapy Preschool, we offer several position options for new speech employees, including center-based therapy for children 5 and under, school-based therapy for children older than 5, and in-home therapy for children in need or early intervention.

Impacting the Entire Family Unit 

The most rewarding part of a speech therapy career is using your skills to help to children with physical or mental limitations be able to effectively communicate with their family members. The first time a mother or father is able to make those deeper connections and really understand what their child wants and needs is extremely humbling.

Pediatric Speech Pathologists work with diverse children and families with diverse needs. Every limitation impacts the entire family communication. It can make it difficult for children to verbally and nonverbally communicate with their parents and siblings, and vice versa. SLP’s work to for teach the child how to articulate sounds and words they have trouble with, as well as use facial expressions and hand gesture to better convey their message. They also give other family members tips on how to interpret and receive certain gestures and sounds to help them better understand what the child is saying.

In some cases, a child’s limitation can make it difficult for them to eat and drink. Because a speech therapist is skilled in teaching children how to use their facial and mouth muscles, they can also help children strengthen these muscles so reduce difficulties while eating and drinking. 

Personal Growth 

Not only is a career as a pediatric speech-language pathologist going to positively impact the lives of many children, but it will also impact your own personal growth. Children are still growing and developing, and they do not have the knowledge to interact as adults do. As a result, working with children requires patience and creativity in finding new ways to communicate to others. Strengthening these individual skills will teach you to better communicate outside of the workplace in your personal life, whether it be with your significant other, you parents, or your friends. The personal reward and growth is no doubt one of the biggest pros of working as a pediatric speech therapist.

Professional Growth

A career as a pediatric SLP will help you grow professionally as well. Gaining experience working with many children with different personalities will help you gain the tools you need to work with many different types of people, both young and mature. You will also gain experience being a leader and a role model, which you can use in any professional situation. Experience as an SLP is a great opportunity for someone to continue to successfully grow in this career.

SLP Jobs Pay Well

According to the United States Census Bureau, a Little Lukes Speech Language Pathologist earns almost double the yearly income of the average New Yorker. The NYS median household income is defined as the combined income of all wage-earning individuals who are not dependents. In other words, it is the total income of both parents or guardians; and one Little Lukes SLP employee earns about the same amount.

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