Top 3 Benefits of Socialization in Early Education

Top 3 Benefits of Socialization in Early Education

Not only does early socialization promote self-confidence with the opportunity to overcome shyness, interacting with peers at a young age also enhances three life-long fundamentals.


By attending a Central New York childcare and preschool program children are more comfortable approaching teachers with questions and comments as well as making new friends for an easier transition into kindergarten.


“Socialization is important for children’s development because it helps them learn,” said Michelle O’Connor, Little Lukes School Therapist. “They can watch their peers and learn how to do things and their peers watching also helps them learn. It helps young child understand how to take turns and interact with others outside of their families.”

Early socialization capitalizes on the first few years of your children’s life when they’re most impressionable to form positive and healthy habits.

- Understand how to respect other’s opinions, belongings and personal space

- Pay attention to authority figures outside of child’s parents

- Actively apply conflict-resolution techniques



Early socialization helps children understand and properly use verbal and nonverbal communication to express ideas and feelings.

- Interacting with peers their own age allows language skills to develop more rapidly

- Stronger story construction with a beginning, middle and end of an event

- Listening capacity increases to result in a better understanding of the spoken word



Early Socialization promotes a variety of robust interactions to shape how children respond to sharing toys and working with others toward a common goal.

- Understanding how to take turns

- Learning to wait patiently in a positive and healthy manner

- Opportunities to strengthen cooperation in a group setting


“It is important for children to practice socialization skills so they can learn to interact appropriately with others in different situations such as at school, at the store and at the playground,” said Michelle.

To reinforce and retain these skills takes a certain amount of practice. Early socialization at a Central New York daycare and preschool gives children the opportunity to respect others and strengthen interpersonal communication while forming lifelong bonds.

Working on fine motor and gross motor skills each day, our trusted Syracuse daycare center, Little Lukes provides interactive lessons to promote socialization and social-emotional development to further enhance kindergarten school-readiness. 

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