Precautionary Tips for Child Safety and Protection Month

Precautionary Tips for Child Safety and Protection Month

From diapers to a diploma, parents keep an attentive and vigilant watch over their children during the many phases of growing up. November is Child Safety and Protection Month, and we are reminded that taking extra steps in our daily routine to keep children safe, healthy and happy is integral.


By excelling at the safety basics, you can bolster precautionary efforts around the house, outdoors and in the car. Review the Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center tips below to see how many you’re already using as well as potential areas of improvement.


Around the House


Centers for Disease Control advises parents to keep the following in mind when at home:


-   Scan the room for toys small enough to fit through a 1-1/4-inch circle or smaller than 2-1/4 inches long. These    items are particularly dangerous for children under 4


- Respect and follow the manufacturer’s age range on toy packages


- Conduct inspections of beds, underneath tables, between couch cushions and other frequented areas to ensure money, paperclips or other small, hidden hazards aren’t within reach of your child’s grasp


Other tips for the house include investing in a safety gate to shield children from future step-related accidents as well as disinfecting all of your children’s toys on a regular basis to avoid the spread of germs.




The health benefits from playing and being active outside are enormous, but make sure that your children have an adult supervising them at all times. This will allow immediate action if something were to happen.


- Make sure that children who are capable of riding bikes are using the correct protective equipment including helmets, knee and elbow pads. This not only keeps them safe but also teaches children safety principles at a young age


- Avoid any yard maintenance while children are at play. Save weed whacking, mowing and your snow blower for a later time when children aren’t exploring the outdoors


- Regardless of the season, keep children hydrated and wearing sunscreen, even on cold or wintery days. Because 80 percent of UV rays cut through clouds and reflect off sand, water, snow, and even concrete, sunburn safety isn’t just for the summer months


In the Car


The littlest passengers need the most attention. Review and apply the U.S Department of Transportation’s guidelines for car seats and booster seats to ensure you’re following proper protocol for your precious cargo.


- Before the car moves, parents need to properly wear a seatbelt. Children observe the importance of safety from        your actions and keeping the driver safe helps ensure the passengers are safe as well


- Because of potential airbag deployment, children younger than 12 should not ride in the passenger’s seat

- Generate a calm car environment by keeping music to a low to medium volume and making phone conversations brief and even-toned (using Bluetooth or other hands-free technology, never holding any other device)


Use this advice to strengthen three high-traffic areas, but always consult your own doctor or pediatrician with questions regarding variables specific to your child.


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