Getting to the Point: Teaching Toddlers to Write

Getting to the Point: Teaching Toddlers to Write

As children grow, their brains are constantly and rapidly developing to absorb information from the world around them. Because the key to retention is repetition, the first few years of your toddler’s life are a great opportunity for daycare teachers and parents to work together inside and outside the classroom to reach a mutual goal like writing or spelling.


At Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare in Central New York, we understand kindergarten-readiness is of the utmost importance for a smooth transition.  Writing and spelling play a big part in that preparation and allow your child to be ahead of the learning curve.


By allowing little learners to play with fun activities that are also educational, they are able to remember information better. Practice these at-home tips to encourage toddlers to write and spell their names with confidence.


Familiarize Your Children With Letters


When you begin using repetition to familiarize your children with letters, start with simple tasks. On a piece of paper, spell your child’s name in big block lettering and let her color it in.  Your child can also play with foam, toy letters to get a better gist of alphabetic order in a more tangible format. Try using alphabet soup or crackers as a learning tool too! Before eating, have your toddler identify each letter on her spoon. Parents can encourage their toddlers by associating letters in their names to other people and objects. This can help children learn the sounds of the letters in their names.


All of these simple activities allow parents to help their children outside of the classroom to spell and write their names.


Tracing and Writing


Once they begin to understand how to spell their names using objects, have children try to trace letters. You can do this by writing your child’s name on a piece of paper and giving your child a highlighter. They can then practice tracing their names instead of just coloring between the lines. You can also use pipe cleaners to get the same effect.


After they are able to trace their names, give children a plate with salt on it or put shaving cream all over your table. This will enable them to practice writing their name while also being able to erase what they’ve done when they want in fun way!


All of these activities are simple, fun ways to further enhance the preschool teacher’s lessons outside of the classroom to spell and write. Before you know it, you’ll be collecting precious autographs from your mini rock star toddler.


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