Developmental Skills for 4-5 Years

Developmental Skills for 4-5 Years - Milestones for preschool children.
Here is a quick list of developmental skills for children ages 4-5 years from Central New York's leader in early childhood education and pediatric speech therapy.
Social and Emotional
qWants to please and be like friends
qFollows group rules
qDevelops better control over anger and frustration tolerance
qTantrums are rare
qLikes to sing, dance, and act
qIndependence increases

Speech and Language

qIs able to carry on a conversation by asking and answering questions and sticking to the topic
qFollow and give directions
qSpeech is understood by people not as familiar with the child
qUnderstands most of what is said at home and at school
qUses grammatically correct sentences of 4-5 words
qStories increase in length and detail
qBegins to say rhyming words


qHears someone call him/her from another room
qTelevision and/or radio is able to be heard at the same volume as other family members
qUses fork, spoon, and sometimes a table knife during meals
qDrinks from open cup with almost no spilling
qWashes and dries hands
qIndependently bathroom without help


qCan count 10 or more objects
qNames at least four colors
qUnderstanding of the concept of time improves (e.g. today, tomorrow, yesterday)
qHas an understanding of things used in the home (money, food, appliances)
qNames some letters and numbers

Gross Motor

qStands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer
qDoes somersaults
qMay be able to skip

Fine Motor

qCopies a triangle
qDraws person with a body
qPrints some letters
qIndependently dresses and undresses
qCopies other shapes
qFastens snaps, buttons, and zippers

Each child develops at his or her own pace. Do not be alarmed if your child does not follow this exact sequence. If you have concerns about your child’s development, contact your doctor. 

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