Developmental Skills for Toddlers 12-18 Months

Developmental Skills for Toddlers Age 12-18 Months

Social and Emotional

qRepeats sound/actions that made someone laugh
qEstablishes and maintains eye contact (looks at people)
qRemoves hat, socks, and gloves
qMay get upset when parent(s) leave and may need help to calm down

Speech and Language

qUnderstands 50 or more words
qProduces/says 20-25 words
qFollow simple directions
qPoints to an object when named
qImitates actions of people
qUses jargon (babble which imitates the tone, pitch, and intonation of adult speech)
qImitates sounds and words


qListens when spoken to
qAppears to hear well
qAppears to see well


qAttention to new toys increase to about 5 minutes
qImitates actions of people
qBegins to match

Gross Motor

qThrows ball
qGets into standing position from lying down position
qSquats while playing
qCreeps up and down stairs using railing
qWalks independently

Fine Motor

qStacks 2-3 small blocks
qHolds crayon in fist
qReleases of a small object into a container with control

Each child develops at his/her own pace. Do not be alarmed if your child does not follow this exact sequence. If you have concerns about your child’s development, contact your doctor.  

You may request that Little Lukes coordinate the evaluation or provide Early Intervention services including speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy.   Little Lukes is a leading provider of Early Intervention pediatric therapy services in Central New York including Syracuse, Oswego and Watertown areas.   Visit for information. 

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