Why This Central New York Daycare is Katherine Approved

Why This Central New York Daycare is Katherine Approved

Growth isn’t always measured with wooden rulers or as apparent as a sky-high, 102-floor building.


Growth can also be found in quiet, personalized moments tucked into an ordinary Tuesday.


For those with an attentive eye and caring heart, a front row seat is reserved to watch a child’s mini and mega milestones. Parents, family, friends and daycare teachers take notice and pride in what may be invisible to others.


When 3-year-old Alexander allowed Ms. Jenny, a Little Lukes daycare teacher, to place a Band-Aid on his knee, it was like a three-point jump shot sunk into a basketball hoop.


Alexander was quite opposed to the thought of Band-Aids, something he made known. But with a little love, luck and patience he became more open to the idea of receiving a helping hand from others.


It was a unique, sweet moment of growth that couldn’t be marked with a measuring tape.


“He also said his first word in the Little Lukes classroom: ‘Mama’,” warmly reflected Katherine, Alexander’s mother. With a laugh, she added, “It was followed by ‘bumm’, which he called water for whatever reason. Kids!” 


Picking a Daycare That Pays Attention


From 6 weeks old to now 3 years old, Alexander has been individually supported, nurtured and celebrated at the Central New York daycare, Little Lukes. The reasons Katherine and Alexander continue to choose Little Lukes are simple yet make a difference.


 “The interactions are very personalized,” said Katherine. “I feel that each teacher has a connection with my child.” 


She also notes Alexander has excelled at writing and identifying letters and numbers and is very interested in reading. Through the Central New York daycare, Alexander has also learned to spell his name and other words.  Along with his core curriculum, he enjoys karate and other engaging and energizing extracurricular programs Little Lukes provides.


“In his current classroom, the learning is well integrated into fun activities,” said Katherine. “It is great to see the kids excited about learning because of the teachers’ experiences and willingness to think outside the box.” 


Best Central New York Childcare


Another added bonus of the five locations in Dewitt, Radisson, Oswego, Fulton and Pulaski Little Lukes sites, is the convenience of close pick-ups and drop-offs for parents on the go. This plus the comprehensive education made Katherine’s Central New York daycare decision easy.


“I actually passed by a Little Lukes Center on my daily commute,” said Katherine. “The hours of operation worked well with my schedule and the curriculum presented through each stage of development was outstanding.”


Little Lukes is the affordable Central New York daycare option that doesn't sacrifice quality care, safety or education. Helping children build a strong foundation to reach their full potential in a happy and healthy way keeps our staff excited and inspired.


"He simply loves going to school to play with his friends, connect with his teachers and learn!" said Katherine. "My experiences with Alexander's classroom and the teachers have surpassed my expectations.”


Schedule a Little Lukes tour at one of our five locations to see the difference we can make in your child’s life.


We’re currently enrolling full day preschool students with daycare before and after the preschool day.