Unique Activities for a Hoppy Easter Weekend

Unique Activities for a Hoppy Easter Weekend

Easter weekend is almost here and we’re so excited for it! One of our favorite things about holidays is seeing how excited the children get. Meeting the Easter Bunny, coloring Easter eggs, and going on Easter egg hunts are all really exciting adventures for little children. 


While these traditions are certainly very fun for the kids and even nostalgic for the parents, we thought it would be interesting to try something new this year. We’ve put together a list of our all time favorite ideas for non-traditional Easter activities. Let’s hop to it!


Unique Easter Activities


Hide Their Easter Basket

This one is great because it meshes together the fun of receiving an Easter basket full of Easter goodies with the excitement of a scavenger hunt. If the children are older, you can hide the basket behind the curtains or somewhere a little more out of sight. If your child is younger, try “hiding” their basket in sight, like under the coffee table or behind a flower vase.


Easter Egg Paint Bombs

Creating paint bombs is pretty messy so be sure to do this activity outside! Use a safety pin to place a hole on either side of a dozen eggs, then fill with pastel paints and tape each hole. This activity is wonderful for incorporating sensory fun into their Easter weekend. They can feel each egg and watch the different colors come to life as they throw them at their canvas.


Balloon Hunt

This activity is particularly great for very young children. Instead of hiding small toys and candy in eggs, put them inside of balloons and place the balloons around the yard. It will be much easier for them to find their prizes! And when they do find a balloon, they can have fun shaking them and hearing the different noises.


Bunny Hop

Turn on you child’s favorite song and have a good old-fashioned dance party, with a fun twist! Teach your child how to hop and move like a bunny to the beat of the music. 


Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Print out a picture of a bunny and cut out a fluffy tail from a piece of white paper. Use tape for your child to ‘pin’ the tail to the bunny. If they’re 3 and older add extra fun by blindfolding them!


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