By the End of Three Months - Baby Milestones for Infants

Three Month Baby Milestones for Infants

Consider discussing with your child’s physician if one or more of the following are observed:

qDoes not respond to loud or new noises
qDoes not notice hands
qDoes not follow moving objects with eyes
qDoes not grasp or hold objects
qLack of head support; does not hold head up
qDoes not push down with legs when feet are on a firm surface
qDoes not kick feet alternatively (one foot kicks at a time)
qCrosses eyes most of the time (occasional crossing of the eyes is normal for this age)
qDoes not smile
qDoes not produce any sound (especially vowel sounds)
qWeak suck when feeding
qMovement is not equal on both sides of the body; one side seems more still or more active
qSeems stiff, with tight muscles
qSeems floppy, with limp muscles
qDoes not show moro or startle reflex (in response to the feeling of falling or in response to a loud sound the baby startles, spreads out arms, unspreads arms and usually cries)
qExperiences a dramatic loss of skills he/she once had

A child in this age range would be referred to the Early Intervention Program. For more information contact your physician or the Public Health Department in your county:

Oswego County Health Services EI (315) 349-3500
Onondaga County Health Dept Special Svs (315) 435-3230
Jefferson County Community Services: (315) 785-3283
Lewis County Public Health Agency: (315) 376-5849
Madison County Public Health Department: (315) 366-2361
Oneida County Health Department: (315) 798-5249

You may request that Little Lukes coordinate the evaluation or provide Early Intervention services including speech therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy.   Little Lukes is a leading provider of Early Intervention pediatric therapy services in Central New York.   Visit for information.