Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! If you are reading this, you are most likely a parent of a child receiving Teletherapy services through Little Lukes Therapy Preschool. As we continue to meet with our therapists and special education teachers via Zoom, we have been informed of questions providers get asked a lot from parents. Below is a list of FAQs and answers. If you have further questions, please contact your child’s therapist or teacher.


How can I see upcoming sessions in TheraPlatform, in case I forgot to write down my child’s appointment details?

Visit and enter your login information. Once you are in the dashboard click “Schedule Session.” Here you will be able to see all your upcoming sessions that are already scheduled.


The forms all appear the same. How can I differentiate one provider’s form from another provider’s form or which form is for which session?

When you click on the form, the provider’s service (i.e Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Special Education Services) will appear at the top of the form. If it says “SLP” at the top, please enter your child’s speech therapist’s name, etc. To ensure you are filling out the other fields correctly (i.e. service date, start time, end time, etc.) it is best to complete the form the day it is sent to you.


I have seen an increase of negative behaviors and reactions from my child since the district shut down in March. Should I be concerned?

This is very common, and most families are dealing with the same type of frustrations. Structure and routine are very important for children, especially those with developmental delays. Because these changes happened very quickly, as opposed to a gradual change, many children are having a hard time adjusting.


How will therapy and special education services be handled over the summer? Will SCIS children be able to go back to the center this summer?

At this time (05/29/2020) New York State has decided there will only be virtual summer school services for children so we do not believe our preschoolers will return for summer special education services in person. The initial decision to allow SCIS children to return to the center is determined by the state and local guidelines. We are closely monitoring all updates and will inform parents when it is time for their child to return for in-person therapy and special education services.  Your child’s CPSE meeting will also determine if summer services are included in the child’s IEP.


Can a baby sitter or daycare provider be present during the Teletherapy session, in place of a parent or guardian?

Yes. An adult must be present at all times during a Teletherapy session and must participate and remain present to sign the signature form when the session ends. Parents or caregivers may be asked to provide basic household items available in the home such as crayons or playdoh.


I am concerned that my child will not be able to sit through a Teletherapy session for 30 minutes or longer.

Therapy and special education services are very interactive! One advantage of Teletherapy is being able to witness how the therapist or teacher interacts with your child in real time. Teletherapy sessions are more than sitting in front of a screen. Your child’s therapist or teacher will implement many activities to peak your child’s interest and get them up and moving around. They may even ask you to join in or ask you to take the child on a scavenger hunt for colors, or move the session outdoors for a fun ‘change of scenery!’


How do I locate the daily signature form after the Teletherapy session ends?

Visit and enter your login information and password. Click the house/home button at top right.  Once your therapist sends the signature form it will pop up for you to complete.  Be sure to enter the correct date of the teletherapy service.


My child’s therapist or teacher is asking to me fill out the daily signature form multiple times, because of incorrect information. How can I ensure I enter all the right information the first time?

When the Teletherapy session starts, take note of the start time, and do the same for when the session ends and the date of the session. Be sure to include both your child’s and your full name (first and last name). If you are filling out the form on a later date or time and you are unsure of when the session started, ended, or what day it was on, please text email the therapist or provider to clarify this information for you. Last, be sure to take note of your therapist’s or teacher’s full name and ask them to spell their first and last name for you.


Sign Up for Teletherapy with a Little Lukes Therapist or Special Education Teacher


Teletherapy at Little Lukes is an online occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, or special education session via video conferencing. The Teletherapy sessions are 30 minutes with a licensed OT, PT, SLP, or Special Education Teacher and are based on the services, frequency and length of time named in a child’s pre-existing IEP (individualized education plan) or IFSP (individualized family service plan). An adult must be present in the same room during the Teletherapy session, and may need to help the child with simple tasks and instructions. At the end of the session, the adult must sign a daily electronic signature form.


Teletherapy sessions are by appointment only. Teletherapy is only available for children who already have an IEP or IFSP with Little Lukes. To sign up for Teletherapy sessions for your child, please call Lori at 315-326-3346 or email with your name & child’s name.