Speech Pathologist Itinerant Myths: Debunked

Speech Pathologist Itinerant Myths: Debunked

Little Lukes is many things. We are a family of caretakers, we are a private preschool, and we are a pediatric therapy center. However, what most people don’t know about us, is that we also hire pediatric therapists for placements outside of our preschool and therapy center.  Little Lukes speech therapists have the option to choose two different settings: Center-based and itinerant.


As an employer of Speech Language Pathologists, we often find that when an SLP applies for a position with us, they usually want to work in one of our centers. Many are not interested in traveling to homes of families because of the unknown. “What will my days look like?”, “Will I be alone all day?”, “What if I don’t like going to one of the homes?”. We completely understand hesitation for an itinerant position because the unfamiliarity can be scary, especially if you a newly graduated SLP with little work experience.


It is important to keep your options open and consider every position that comes your way. This article is a resource for SLPs, all about the benefits of itinerant positions. Here are the top SLP myths we hear when speaking with new applicants.


Why SLPs Should Consider Itinerant Jobs Over School or Center Based Jobs


Myth 1: “I won’t have as much freedom as a center-based position.”

False; in fact, we would argue that the number one benefit of an itinerant job is the abundance of freedom! We find that many SLPs who have been in the field for a while actually prefer itinerant positions because of the flexibility that comes with the job. You get complete freedom to choose your own schedule, as opposed to a center or school-based job in which you will be required to start your day at 8am every morning. Not a morning person? If you choose an itinerant job, you can work 10am-6pm if you’d like. As long as you put in your hours and meet the schedule needs of your families, we don’t mind when you schedule work and when you don’t schedule work.


You are also given a lot more freedom in terms of rescheduling. If you can’t work at all one day or you are going on vacation one week, you can simply call and work with the family to reschedule your make-up therapy appointment.


In addition to completely setting your own schedule, you are also given the freedom to accept or pass a case to another therapist. If you feel your case load is too full to accept another family, or the family’s schedule does not fit your schedule, you can simply decline and we will offer the family to another therapist.  


Myth 2: “I will have to work evenings and weekends.”

This is also a comment we hear frequently that is not true. Most families do not prefer having people in their home in the evenings or on the weekends when they are eating dinner together or taking weekend trips. Many families would rather have their Speech Language Pathologist enter the daycare, preschool, or home during the day, so they can keep their evenings and weekends private. That being said, you are allowed to work evenings and weekends if you and the family prefer that schedule, but you are not required to do so.


In addition, we give our itinerant SLPs an iPad for easy, quick, and paperless billing and note taking. This way you can easily get a parent signature after each session and most of your note taking can be done during the session. Therefore, you can arrange your workload all during the day, and take the evenings and weekends off if you like.


Myth 3: “I’ll be alone all day.”

One of the first thoughts that come to mind when offered an itinerant speech pathology job is the fact that you will not be in the center with other speech therapists, however Little Lukes itinerant jobs don’t have to be solitary. We often pair therapists together who work in the same towns or towns that are close by, so they can meet up and co-treat their cases together. For example, many of our itinerant staff meet up at local coffee shops a couple times a week to go over cases. Even if you don’t need help with a case, it is nice to have someone to collaborate with on an interdisciplinary team of special education teachers, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.


If you are interested in having a local buddy to work with, all you have to do is talk with our Staff Trainer and Itinerant Manager, Denise McDougall, and she will connect you with other itinerants who will likely be able to be a support system for you.


Clinical Fellowship Year (CFs Welcome!)

SLP-CFs especially do not need to worry about this. If you are an SLP in your fellowship year, you will be mentored by a CCC-SLP supervisor. For itinerant CFs, this will be done in-person, via phone calls, and through text. If you have a question or need assistance with something your mentor will always be there to help you!


Myth 4: “I will have an inconsistent schedule.”

If you prefer a different schedule each day, you are welcome to set your schedule up that way. However, if you like a consistent schedule in which you work the same times and hours every day, you are also welcome to set your schedule up accordingly. You have a lot of control and freedom when it comes to your daily schedule.


Myth 5: “I will have to supply all my own toys, craft supplies, etc.”

We use our Little Lukes Therapy Preschool centers as itinerant “Hubs.” If you are in need of any supplies, from toys, to glue, to paper, or you need to borrow test kits, you are encouraged to stop by the center and look through our supplies.


Speech Language Pathologist Jobs in Oswego, Onondaga, and Jefferson County


If you are interested in a Little Lukes itinerant SLP job, please apply online at https://www.littlelukes.com/speech-language-pathology-careers.html or email your resume to apply@littlelukes.com.


Benefits of Little Lukes Speech Pathology Jobs:

ü  Paid Relocations

ü  Paperless Technology

ü  Medical and Dental Coverage

ü  Salary and Bonus Options

ü  Paid Training and Mentoring

ü  Flexible Scheduling


Requirements of Little Lukes Speech Pathology Jobs

ü  Speech Pathology Degree

ü  NYS SLP License

ü  Positive Personality


Pediatric Therapy for Early Intervention


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