SLP CFs Welcome at Little Lukes and Rehab Resources!

SLP CFs Welcome at Little Lukes and Rehab Resources!

You did it! You are officially in the ‘home-stretch’! Graduation is just around the corner and now is the time to start interviewing for your first post-graduation job.


Starting your career as a speech pathologist can be nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. It is exciting because you will soon be able to start working with your very own clients! However, it is nerve wracking because your choices are narrowed due to entering your clinical fellowship year. Not every organization has the capacity to offer supervision, so they do not consider brand new SLPs.


Luckily for you, Little Lukes and Rehab Resources welcomes CFs, giving you the perfect environment to confidently transition from SLP-CF to CCC-SLP.


Pediatric SLP Clinical Fellowships Available at Little Lukes!


Working with children is so rewarding! You get the amazing opportunity to help them while they are growing and developing in the most important time of their lives.


Here at Little Lukes we encourage those going through their clinical fellowship year to join us for an unforgettable learning experience full of professional growth. We offer our pediatric SLP CFs two different job settings: center-based and itinerant in-home therapy. We find a lot of college students do well with an itinerant position as it gives you the freedom to choose your own work schedule. Not a morning person? Choose a 10-6 schedule! Not able to work on Wednesdays? Choose a Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday-Saturday schedule.


Adult & Geriatric SLP Clinical Fellowships Available at Rehab Resources!


Find adult and geriatric settings more interesting? Check out our sister company, Rehab Resources. We offer a number of different settings for those looking to work with adults and seniors, including nursing homes and hospitals.


Why Little Lukes and Rehab Resources


Little Lukes works in conjunction with Rehab Resources. Many of our Speech Pathologists have transitioned from geriatrics or adult patients to pediatrics, and vice versa. Choosing an organization that offers every setting gives you the opportunity and job security to try something new in your career. Sometimes a pathologist works with adults for 10 years, then decides they’d like to work with children. With our organization a clean and stress-free transition is possible.


Apply for a SLP CF Job Today!


Meet our Talent Manager, Darci Powers. “I just love the energy of new graduates. It’s a pretty incredible thing to meet so many people that are full of passion and looking for the perfect opportunity to spend their days helping others and making a difference in their lives; in the day to day that can look really small, but it is absolutely huge”


To apply for a Little Lukes SLP CF job, please email your resume to or apply online at

To apply for a Rehab Resources SLP CF position, please email your resume to or apply online at