Oswego County Childcare Center Welcomes DSS Subsidy for Daycare Fees

Oswego County Childcare Center Welcomes DSS Subsidy for Daycare Fees

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The cost of daycare is a major household expense and may be an obstacle for some local families who are employed or attending an approved school or training program.  Help is available to find affordable child care near you in the Oswego NY area.


Free Daycare Near Me

A top searched term on google in Oswego County is “free daycare” or “free childcare” or “daycare grant”.  These show an increased need for education about options available in paying for daycare. 


Subsidy Helps Fund Daycare for Low Income Families

If you work full time or attend an approved school, training program or college, you may be eligible for a daycare subsidy through your local Department of Social.  There are eligibility guidelines and paperwork to complete by mail or in person at the Mexico DSS office, and potentially an appointment in Fulton at Workforce Development office to determine eligibility.


According to Gidget Stevens, Director of Assistance Programs for Oswego County Department of Social Services, “Oswego County DSS may be able to subsidize day care expenses for children under 13 if parent or caregiver is attending an approved college or training program, working full time or participating in work activities, or for teen parents attending high school.  Families must meet income requirements and complete all other eligibility requirements of the program.  For information contact Oswego County DSS by email at Childcare@oswegocounty.com or call 315-963-5456 or 315-963-5278.” 


Daycare Center Accepts Subsidy from DSS

Little Lukes Childcare Center is a licensed daycare center with locations in Oswego, Fulton, Pulaski and East Syracuse caring for children ages 6 weeks – 12 years.  Full time care is available from 7am-6pm, (6:30-5:30 in Pulaski). Daycare for school age children includes after school care with bussing for Oswego City Schools, Fulton City Schools, Pulaski Schools, and Jamesville Dewitt Schools.


Parents and caregivers in Oswego County who meet the income guidelines and attend work or school full time may be eligible for subsidy to help pay for daycare. This includes parents attending high school or college, working full time or in work training such as those offered by Workforce NY in Fulton. 


Oswego County’s requirements include a simplified LIDC application and a Registered/Licensed Provider Form. Employment or school attendance must be verified.  Ongoing attendance at work or school is monitored and the daycare payment is only paid when requirements are met.  County approval is required before any subsidy payment is available.



Top Questions about Oswego County Daycare Subsidy:


Do I have to work full time to get a daycare subsidy?

To be eligible for a full time daycare subsidy payment you must work or attend school full time. Contact the county for other eligibility requirements and any details.   If you work part time and get part time daycare subsidy, you have to pay for the rest of the cost for your full time daycare spot.  Ask the county about options if you have a private licensed daycare provider or other arrangements for daycare.


Is there Free Daycare in Oswego County?

County DSS offers subsidies for some families who meet requirements and attend school or work full time.  Little Lukes accepts DSS subsidies as part of the daycare fee, but the family must pay the family portion or share required.


Do I have to pay a part of the Daycare Cost?

The parent share or family payment is required to pay all daycare expenses not covered by the subsidy.  The family share can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars based on income, eligibility and number of children in care. The family share varies based on the household income and ability to pay the childcare costs.  The county can also help with the 1-time enrollment fee. 


Is short term daycare help available?

Help may be available for short term emergency needs such as drug treatment programs or parent absence or other issues. Check with Little Lukes about space available. 


How do I get started on the application or for questions?

Contact Oswego County Department of Social Services for an application and provider packet. Last names A-L: Ms. Fuller @ 315-963-5456; Last names M-Z: Mrs. Pieretti @ 315-963-5278 or By email at: Childcare@oswegocounty.com

100 Spring Street, PO Box 1320, Mexico, NY 13114. Office Hours 8:30am-4pm


·      For details in Oswego County Daycare and Childcare Payments visit http://oswegocounty.com/dss/childcare.html  

·      For details in Onondaga County for Daycare and Childcare Subsidy information visit http://www.ongov.net/dss/dayCare.html  

·      This information is provided as a helpful QA to inform families of options and is not a complete guide or guarantee of success in receiving a subsidy. Contact your county for details and specifics.

Does Syracuse, Onondaga County offer Free Daycare?

If you live in Onondaga County, contact the Onondaga County Department of Social Services. Application and forms are available online at http://www.ongov.net/dss/dayCare.html Contact daycaredocs@dfa.state.ny.us or call (315) 435-5683. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. 421 Montgomery Street, 5th Floor, Civic Center, Syracuse, NY 13202.




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