Meet the Occupational Therapist staff at Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Fulton

Meet the Occupational Therapist staff at Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Fulton

Danielle’s Background

Danielle Lloyd has been an Occupational Therapist at Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Fulton since October 2007. At her time at Little Lukes, Lloyd says that it’s the children who truly make the environment an exciting place to work. “I love working with children because they make me laugh and show me how they experience true joy. I also feel like I learn something new from them every day. Whether it be a new way to teach something, a new way to look at the world, or even just teaching me about patience,” said Lloyd.Lloyd joined the Little Lukes team are observing an occupational therapist and working closely with one as the sensory program assistant at Little Lukes. “That was a great way to be introduced to this field,” said Lloyd.

“I feel like occupational therapy touches on so many things that it’s hard to know everything about it. We can help people of any age across the lifespan and from all walks of life achieve what matters most to them,” said Lloyd, “from helping someone recover from a stroke to helping parents establish a bedtime routine with their children. I really enjoy it because we focus on what’s important in life and work on skills each client will need to possess in their daily lives.”

The Little Lukes Atmosphere

At Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Fulton we love to have fun and laugh! “We’re like a family here at the Fulton center and we celebrate each other’s accomplishments and encourage each other during low points as well,” said Lloyd, “We all come together to work with these kiddos and it really shines through with each success, big or small. I’m really thankful for my team.  

Lloyd said that the best part about working in a preschool center-based setting is that you can be a part of a team. “I really love working with a team and being able to bounce ideas off of all of the speech therapists, physical therapists, special education teachers, and classroom teachers every day. If I have a question or concern the whole team is right there to answer and help. We’re also able to keep each other sane and joke about things that happen to us so that we can laugh a little bit more each day,” said Lloyd.

“At the Fulton center we like to build each other up and we are all really supportive and making sure we’re acknowledging when someone does something that goes above and beyond the call of duty. It’s easy to go the extra mile and do more when you’re appreciated,” said Lloyd.

“At Little Lukes we work with the kids on skills they’ll need to succeed in kindergarten. Sometimes that could just be interacting with other children or it could be working on skills such as writing or cutting. Whatever the child and/or family needs is what we will work on to help that child succeed,” Said Lloyd

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