Meet the Director: Radisson

Meet the Director: Radisson

Hello! My name is Nora Lesnau and I am the Program Director for our Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Radisson (Baldwinsville). In the summer of 2010, I joined Little Lukes as an Itinerant Speech Therapist and worked as an itinerant for two years before switching to center-based therapy for the Radisson and Dewitt centers. In July of 2016, I became the Program Director at Radisson. I have been with Little Lukes for 9 years and I am grateful for every moment I have been able to positively impact the children and their families.


The reason why I decided to join a pediatric team of therapists and teachers is because I actually needed and received speech therapy services as a child. My experience inspired me to pursue becoming a Speech Therapist myself. Not only had I enjoyed it, but I knew what a difference it made in my life and I wanted the chance to enjoy making the same positive influence in children’s lives. The more time I spent working with our preschoolers and our team, the more variety of needs I experienced. That led me to pursuing my Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis. I saw what a growing need there was and felt passionately that each child is so unique in their social & behavioral needs. I believe in our collaborative ability to find techniques that work specifically for each child.


My mission at Little Lukes is to unlock each individual’s understanding, passion, and growth. I know we all share the mission that each child we care for feels confident and loved while pursuing their education. Our individual students and our school as a whole succeed because we have great relationships as coworkers who become friends, who then become family. We care so deeply about who we serve and what we do. We continuously collaborate to create a fun environment, which creates a great environment for our students to succeed!


My team and I are always available to meet a new family. If you are interested in enrolling your little one in our program, please feel free reach out to me at or (315) 857-0800. I can’t wait to meet you and your little one!


-       Nora Lesnau, Little Lukes, Radisson Program Director