Meet the Director: Pulaski

Meet the Director: Pulaski

Here at Little Lukes, we are a family and we are all committed to providing the best to the children in our care. From operating as a true team to working directly with the families, we are always determined and focused on what is best for the child’s individual success. Seeing the children progress and develop their own sense of self and confidence is absolutely priceless!


Whenever I’m asked why I love Little Lukes, it’s always an easy and immediate answer. The relationships we build and the support we offer one another are incredible. We all benefit from them, but ultimately the children benefit the most. My absolute favorite memories are those of all of the relationships we build together as a team, and of those I have personally built with families over the years. So many of our children begin their education journey with us as young as infants, and their parents entrust us with their care and development. We’re so fortunate to see them as they grow from infancy through preschool, elementary school, and the beginning of their adolescence into young adulthood. The fact that we get to be a part of their lives and they allow us to be a part of their family is what I cherish the most. The experiences I’ve been able to share with so many families, teachers, therapists, and other professionals, have taught me so much and my own confidence has grown being a part of it.


Since we are an integrated preschool program, our children benefit from so many unique advantages. We work closely with surrounding school districts and utilize a comprehensive curriculum to ensure developmental appropriateness and readiness. We have a complete team of early childhood professionals that include on-site therapists, NYS certified teachers, and our own in-house trainer to keep us current on important training topics. The resources Little Lukes offers our staff and children are amazing and create an environment of growth that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.


I always look forward to meeting every family and getting to know every child that walks through our doors. If you’d like to learn more about Little Lukes in Pulaski, I can always be reached at or at (315) 298-5070.


-       Lindsey Hermann, Program Director, Little Lukes Pulaski