Little Lukes SLP discusses her passion for Speech Therapy and more!

Little Lukes SLP Discusses her Passion for Speech Therapy

“Communication is the essence of human life.” – Janice Light


There are many honorable careers out there, but one that really hits home in the Little Lukes family is pediatric speech therapy. A Little Lukes speech therapist truly is a ‘hub’ for speech learning between children and their families. Not only is the therapist teaching the child how to properly form and pronounce sounds and words, they are also teaching the child different ways to express themselves and teaching the parents different ways to interpret the child’s verbal and non-verbal cues. Many parents and children experience a closer bond after working with a speech therapist to learn more strategic ways to communicate with each other.


Speech therapists are positively impacting children in their most critical learning years. We would like to spotlight one of our speech pathologists.


Meet, Jamie, a Little Lukes Speech Language Pathologist!




Jamie has been with the Little Lukes team since 2019 and is currently working as a speech therapist in our Baldwinsville center. “I am in my second year. I started off as itinerant and am now center-based at Radisson.” When Jamie first joined our team, she worked as an itinerant therapist, traveling to family’s homes to offer therapy in a comfortable and familiar environment. Due to the pandemic this year, Jamie has also worked as a Teletherapist, offering virtual therapy. “My favorite moment was coming back to work with the kiddos in person again after months of teletherapy. I was definitely thankful that teletherapy was an option and families could still receive services but there is something special about being back together in person during this crazy time!”


Jamie’s Tips for New Speech Therapists and SLP CFs


“My favorite part about working at Little Lukes is the team and community feeling and how all employees are there to always help each other out.” Little Lukes works to create a true team environment that is highly collaborative. “My biggest tips are to work hard, ask questions, and have fun with it.” Questions and collaboration is always encouraged, which is why we welcome many SLP CFs into our team. We also offer a comprehensive onboarding orientation, professional mentoring, and we have an in-house trainer on staff to keep everyone up-to-date on current updates, rules, and regulations.


Interested in becoming a Little Lukes SLP CF or CCC?


Little Lukes is one of Central New York’s largest employers of pediatric Speech Language Pathologists. We offer a multitude of settings, including preschool center, school, daycare, teletherapy, local itinerant, and more! Our choice of settings allow our speech therapists to choose the schedule and experience that works best with their personal and professional needs. With positions available in Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson, Oneida, and Lewis counties, you are sure to find a position you’ll love at Little Lukes!


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