Little Lukes Gives Child Care Updates with Brightwheel App

Little Lukes Gives Child Care Updates with Brightwheel App

Little Lukes Educational Preschool and Daycare


Little Lukes is a place where education and fun meet on a daily basis. Our Syracuse area and Oswego County educational preschools teach award-winning curriculum in engaging and creative ways to keep students not only interested, but also eager to learn.


Transitioning from maternity or paternity leave to going back to work can be hard on a parent, especially a new parent. Little Lukes offers many amenities to give parents peace of mind while their little one is in our care.


Get Real Time Updates


According to our Little Lukes parents, one of our most praised amenities is the use of our Brightwheel Preschool and Child Care App.


Here’s how it works. Our teachers take photos of your child throughout the day and post them to the Brightwheel app. Even though you will be at work, you will still be able to see your child accomplishing their milestones, learning to spell, playing outside, and even what they are eating! You’ll see new and different photos posted almost every day your child is at daycare.


Confidentiality is always our priority, so the photos posted to the Brightwheel app of your child will not be visible to other people.


In addition to receiving photos of your child’s accomplishments throughout the week, you can also receive an update of when their nap starts and ends.


Inside the Brightwheel App


If you have multiple children attending Little Lukes, you will first be prompted to choose which child’s updates you’d like to view.




Once you choose which child you’d like to see updates for, you will then be taken to a screen where you can see all of their updates for the day so far. You can view pictures and details. All the updates will be listed from newest to oldest.



Little Lukes Parent Testimonials About Brightwheel App


Kristin B, Little Lukes Oswego – “The brightwheel app is amazing as a parent of an infant; to see how much they are eating and sleeping throughout the day puts my mind at ease. The pictures are so nice to see, also to see how happy she is everyday!”


Jeremy M, Little Lukes Dewitt – “Love the brightwheel app!”


Kristi M, Little Lukes Radisson – “Great staff, caring and nurturing, great curriculum, nice facility, love brightwheel app!”


Sarah H, Little Lukes Radisson – “Communication is excellent! Daily notes and use of Brightwheel.”


Melanie G, Little Lukes Pulaski – “I love the updates and photos daily.”


Jackie M, Little Lukes Dewitt – “The everyday update on what my sons doing and the brightwheel app is really nice.”


Stephanie C, Little Lukes Oswego – “I love the updates on my child I get through brightwheel.”


Enrolling Your Child at Little Lukes


Little Lukes is a leading Syracuse area and Oswego County educational preschool and childcare provider with five inclusive preschool locations. The early education program includes credentialed and caring staff that specialize in comprehensive infant, toddler and pre-kindergarten development. Additional services include pediatric speech therapy, pediatric physical therapy and pediatric occupational therapy. Preschool locations include Dewitt (East Syracuse), Baldwinsville (Radisson), Oswego, Fulton, and Pulaski.


 To schedule a tour online, please visit our website.


To schedule a tour via phone, please contact the location you are most interested in.



5820 Heritage Landing Drive

East Syracuse, NY 13057

 (315) 701-1107



8282 Willett Parkway

Baldwinsville NY 13027

 (315) 857-0800



10 Burkle Street

Oswego, NY 13126

 (315) 342-4600



706 South 4th Street

Fulton, NY 13069

 (315) 887-5250



20 Castle Drive

Pulaski, NY 13142

 (315) 298-5070