Little Lukes Favorite Classroom Games

Little Lukes Favorite Classroom Games

“Playing is our brain's favorite way of learning” - Diane Ackerman


Little Lukes’ education program includes a variety of fun-filled activities, to challenge and educate your child emphasizing school-readiness skills. Each child develops at a different rate; we recognize that and incorporate that into our program. Here are few games you will find your child playing at our classrooms.




    Go Fish


    Musical Chairs


Why does Little Lukes play games in the classroom?

Play is essential in the proper development of children. Playing games stimulates cognitive, physical, social and emotional skills while simultaneously giving children motivation to participate and learn.


It is easier for children to become engaged when it is something they find interesting and fun. This lessens the stress of learning while increasing cooperation among students. Not to mention incorporating board games into the classroom improves children’s analytical and strategic skills.


Combining learning with fun games in the classroom helps your child blossom intellectually, socially and emotionally, while having a lot of purposeful fun along the way.


Starting your child off with easier games first is recommended, so they don’t get overwhelmed and frustrated from participating in a game they can’t seem to understand.


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