Instagram Roundup: 5 Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Instagram Roundup: 5 Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

Creating crafts with your kids is a creative and fun activity to do especially during different holidays. With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share our favorite DIY Halloween crafts; perfect for your preschooler! Here are 5 great ways to incorporate pumpkins, Frankenstein, ghosts and more into fun, interactive crafts.


Instagram Roundup: Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers


Halloween Egg Cartons

Save up those egg cartons you throw away every week to make these adorable Halloween Egg Carton Crafts. This is a super easy activity that you and your child will love to make. Featured is Dracula, a witch, Frankenstein, a Jack-O-Lantern, and a ghost. Encourage your child to use their imagination and make whatever creepy crawly creature they’d like!


Halloween Handprint Cards

Wish your friends and family a happy Halloween with these cute and creative DIY cards. Simply trace your child’s hand along the folded edge of a piece of colored construction paper, then give them the creative freedom to decorate the ‘monster’ cards however they’d like. Don’t forget to pick up craft eyes at your local craft store for an added 3D touch!



Spider Crafts

The perfect set of activities for your child who loves bugs and spiders! This video includes three DIY spider crafts. All you need is a paper plate, paint, string, paper, a white crayon, and scissors.



Halloween Toilet Paper Rolls

An oldy, but a goody! Toilet paper crafts are an easy way to keep your kids busy while finding a way to recycle all the toilet paper rolls your family goes through. The great thing about this craft is that you can also use scrap pieces of colored paper left over from other activities. Double the recycling, double the fun!

Tissue Box Monsters

Last, but not least, here is a craft that is not only fun but also has a practical use. Use leftover tissue boxes to create crazy monsters. When your child is done decorating them, they can use them to store their small toys and keepsakes.



Recycle Crafts for Preschoolers


For more holiday craft ideas and crafts that recycle household items, visit BestIdeasForKids.


Does Little Lukes incorporate crafts like this in everyday curriculum?


Yes, Little Lukes prides itself on being the top-rated preschool for kindergarten readiness. Our curriculum always includes plenty of hands-on and interactive activities, including holiday crafts. We recently updated our curriculum to the award-winning program, Learning Without Tears. This program always our teachers to incorporate even more hands-on activities in our daily learning assignments.


In addition, Little Lukes is proud to teach the children in our care about the positive impacts of recycling. We use plenty of recycled craft items, dedicate an entire week to teaching about recycling and environmental impacts, and we implement programs like Crayola Colorcycle to help teach our children to think about recycling every day.


Best Top-Rated Preschool for Kindergarten Readiness


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