Family Makes Developmental Leaps and Bounds at Little Lukes

Family Makes Developmental Leaps and Bounds at Little Lukes

Jack was just a 1-year-old when he first began receiving Little Lukes therapies for speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Today, Jack is 6 years old, and his mother Maureen only has wonderful things to say about her family’s experience with the therapy, preschool and daycare services of Little Lukes.


Jack began with Little Lukes Early Intervention Program, a state-accredited service focused on providing different therapies for infants and toddlers with confirmed disabilities and developmental delays under the age of 3. When Jack turned 3 years old, he began attending Little Lukes as a preschool child in Inclusion Preschool until he was eligible to enter kindergarten.  


Through the Early Intervention Program, Jack was able to have weekly visits with speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists specialized in developmental delays and early childhood. Through these intense therapies and family support, he was able to advance exponentially in his development as a child with special needs.


Jack’s Challenges


As with any child, Jack experienced challenges inside and outside of the classroom. Born with a cleft palate, Jack had trouble with speech. Paired with being on the autism spectrum, communication came to be one of the biggest challenges Jack encountered.


According to his mother, Jack took amazing strides with speech at Little Lukes through the special instruction of therapists. She told the story of a time when she was at the grocery store with Jack, where she saw one of her colleagues. Jack, with excitement, formally introduced himself to the stranger.
“Hi, my name is Jack. I am in first grade.”

This monumental mile marker can be linked to the social learning skills he has gained through attending Little Lukes.


In addition to speech therapy, occupational and physical therapy became big parts of Jack’s curriculum at Little Lukes. Through daily activity centers, play and interaction with others, Jack was able to grow and learn as a student. His occupational therapist taught and modeled behaviors that developed his ability to do daily tasks, such as concentrating on the task at hand, paying attention in class, following simple instructions and adapting to the environment around him. His physical therapist focused on facilitating his motor-development and function, which aided him in his participation and independence in the classroom.


The Little Lukes Experience


As a parent, challenges are constantly evolving with age and time. One of the biggest challenges Maureen faced was the fear of not knowing what Jack’s day was like when she wasn’t around.


Luckily, Maureen emphasized that Little Lukes was always transparent with what they did each day. The teachers and therapists were always open and welcoming, and would constantly be in contact with her with updates on Jack’s day.


Overall, Maureen has felt comfortable with her preschool experience at Little Lukes because of the exceptional level of service and inclusive teaching they provide for all children.


“I would recommend Little Lukes to any parent of any child because the students are constantly challenged, but at the same time included, which makes for a broader learning experience for everyone,” said Maureen.


In hindsight, Maureen stated that she wishes she knew about Little Lukes earlier, because they have emerged as the best provider of preschool and childcare for all types of children when compared to other daycares in the area. 


Jack’s Positive Progress


Today, Jack still receives speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy, as well as special instruction on a weekly basis. Jack is also involved in adaptive physical education, which allows him to practice PE skills while also being included in normal class.


Additionally, Jack receives behavior therapy after school, where he practices basic day-to-day life skills. To assist with his autism, Jack is involved in ABA Therapy through Proud Moments, where he works on talking, introducing himself and participating in activities with other children.


As a child with developmental delays, Jack has made monumental strides through participation in Early Intervention with Little Lukes. Maureen grants much of his growth and progress to the quality services provided by Little Lukes specialists, teachers and therapists.


The best advice she can give any parent in Central New York is to put your name on the daycare waiting list now!

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