Early Intervention and Assessments: Making an Impact as a School Psychologist

Early Intervention and Assessments: Making an Impact as a School Psychologist

Being a school psychologist allows you to make positive impacts in a child’s life that will help them to succeed throughout the years. Whether you apply expertise in mental health, behavior or learning, you can help children become more socially, academically and emotionally advanced. School psychologists can work full time or part time, with part time giving a more flexible schedule. One of the most important things school psychologists do is provide evaluations to determine if the child is developing typically or not, and then go from there to decide what they can do for the child.


Interested in becoming a school psychologist? Here are 5 reasons why school psychology offers a great and fulfilling career with full time salary and flexible part time positions.


Benefits of Working as a School Psychologist


Job Availability and Freedom to Relocate

School Psychology is ranked as one of the top careers in the social sciences. There is a lot of growth in the job market and there are many open positions. One reason for this is because the number of school psychologist graduate students is not keeping up with the number of people who are retiring. Another aspect is the growth of the psychology field in schools and preschools. With many job openings, it could be easy for you to relocate to a different area if that is of interest to you. Also, if you are bilingual or are culturally diverse, this increases your chances even more as there is a real shortage for school psychologists who can fluently speak other languages.


Being an Advocate for the Kids

This is one of the top reasons why school psychologists love their job. They are able to speak up for kids who are too afraid or unable to speak up for themselves. School psychologists are an advocate for children and families and serve the role of advisor, listener, and champion. Kids can feel a better sense of belonging at school with your support. Having better support services in schools can make a big difference in a student’s learning path.


Flexible Lifestyle

This job allows for a lot of flexibility even for full time employees. You may have to travel between Oswego County and Onondaga County to complete evaluations in a child’s home, daycare, or at one of the Little Lukes Preschools. The report that you write up based on your findings can be done anywhere. This means that you could do the report writing from home, a café or any work environment that you feel comfortable. This is a great perk especially to those who prefer working from home, or have a full-time school psychologist job and want to add a weekly per diem evaluation for extra income.


The Impact

The number of services that school psychologists provide can help them to engage with the kids and prevent problems before they even start. They can also work to solve challenges once they arise. School psychologists have a positive and significant impact on the well-being of children and work to support them immensely. This position allows you to establish meaningful relationships with the kids as well as parents and educators.


At Little Lukes, our school psychologists work with families to evaluate a child (ages 3-5) to help determine if any services are needed. This includes a social history and behavioral evaluation of the child to determine if teacher services or speech services may be needed. This school psychology job is rewarding because of the impact you have on a child who needs extra support for development during the critical preschool years.


Every Day is Different

Each day that you show up to your school psychology job, there is always going to be a different situation that will need your attention. Sometimes kids won’t want to do an assessment and you will have to be creative and think of other ways on how you can help them. Some days you could be doing counseling sessions and other days you could be doing behavioral assessments, so it is a very dynamic job. You will do a lot of problem solving and quick thinking, so if this sounds like you, then you will love being a school psychologist!


Full Time School Psychologist Jobs in the Oswego County and Syracuse Area


Little Lukes offers school psychologist jobs in several locations and settings. Hourly or salary, achieve your dream of working with children while positively impacting their education and development! Contact our Employment Manager, Darci Powers to learn more about our benefits and what Little Lukes can offer you. Email your resume to apply@littlelukes, call her at (315) 326-3345, or send her a DM on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Part Time Side Jobs for School Psychologists in Oswego County and Onondaga County


Want to make extra income? The great thing about our part time positions is that they are extremely flexible making them perfect for an additional side job! Complete a minimum of one evaluation and assessment per week, or more if you choose. Work around your full-time work schedule and complete the evaluations and assessments in the evenings, afternoons, half-days, or even the weekend. Contact our Employment Manager, Darci Powers to learn more about what Little Lukes can offer you. Email your resume to apply@littlelukes, call her at (315) 326-3345, or send her a DM on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Best Preschool and Schools for School Psychologist Jobs


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