Syracuse Daycare Gives Ava and Emmy an Early Edge in Kindergarten

Syracuse Daycare Gives Ava and Emmy an Early Edge in Kindergarten

The dining room table was quiet except for the soft chime of silverware against dishes to plate chicken and carrots.


Until, with a burst of unexpected enthusiasm, three-year-old Emmy suddenly popped up from her chair.


Placing her tiny hand over her heart, without prompt, she recited the whole Pledge of Allegiance. 

Mouths open in disbelief, the rest of the table was slightly taken aback by the impromptu display of patriotism and memorization from their toddler.


“Did your older sister teach you that?” asked an impressed Stacie, her mom, referring to sibling Ava.


Emmy shook her head “no”.


“Then where?”

As a proud, ginormous smile overtook her face, Emmy answered, “At my school!”

child playing on carpet with toys in syracuse daycare


A Hallway of Hellos


Each and every morning walking through the corridors of Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center, Emmy hears her name followed by a friendly, warm welcome from teachers, therapists and teachers’ assistants some who aren’t even educating her age group. 


“Such a tiny gesture of saying hello goes a long way in the eyes of a parent,” said Stacie about the Syracuse daycare provider. “The teachers we have come to know have been so genuinely interested in our girls and in our goals for them as a family that we are confident and comfortable knowing they are in great hands each day.“


Little Lukes exceptional student, teacher bond nurtures early education and skills, which is why Stacie opted to avoid an at-home nanny or babysitter. She wanted their children to be exposed to an accredited curriculum.


As a preschooler, Emmy is following in her big sister Ava’s footsteps. Ava started in Little Lukes’ waddlers room at 15 months old to then graduate preschool with advanced knowledge going into kindergarten.


Ava knew days of the week and the months of the year and loved coming home to share those songs with the family and teaching them to neighborhood friends. Knowing colors and numbers and being exposed to the structure of the school day properly prepared her for the next phase of learning.

That’s why Stacie enrolled Emmy into Little Lukes as well.  

“As a third grade teacher, I know the rigor kindergarteners are met with, so I was thrilled to see Ava come home with papers she’d written her own name on in Purple Hippos Toddler Classroom,” said Stacie. “Ava entered kindergarten knowing how to legibly write her first and last name, as well as how to write the letters of the alphabet in upper case and lower case.” 


a child putting weather graphics on a school board during daycare

A Comprehensive Educational Approach


Childcare and preschool should allow kids the chance to explore a wide range of healthy, fun activities. Ava and Emmy have tromped through wintery weather in snowshoes, learned about rhythm by participating in different dances, stretched during yoga and recognized their own strength through karate all under the one roof of Little Lukes.


But one activity shines a little more for Emmy, as it did for Ava too, than others: sing-along with Mr. Len.  

Mr. Len is somewhat of a classroom celebrity with his engaging, fun music selection, singing and guitar skills.

“Mr. Len has been a household name in our home for years!” said Stacie. “Neither my husband nor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting him, so he’s kind of like the Wizard of Oz to us!”


These diverse types of projects and activities create an environment where education and fun blend together to help children learn to their fullest potential.  

Bringing Preschool Home

Little Lukes’ lessons don’t just stay in the classroom.

On a weekday night Emmy, Ava and Stacie may be found climbing up the stairs like dinosaurs for bath time, just like Ms. Vickey showed her students while learning about fossils that week.

Themed paintings and drawings are framed on the household wall, a gallery of masterpieces acting as another visual display of growth and creativity.


While Ava takes on first grade with gusto, Emmy can be found eagerly signing her name on birthday cards with precision and proudly owning the title of “Pledge Leader” of the day at Little Lukes.


And on occasion, at the kitchen table too.  


a child blowing bubbles at Syracuse daycare during recess


Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center is a leading Syracuse daycare provider with five locations. The early education program includes credentialed and caring staff that specializes in comprehensive infant, toddler and pre-kindergarten development. Additional services include pediatric speech therapy, pediatric physical therapy and pediatric occupational therapy.  


For optimal protection and safety for both students and staff, our facilities include keypad security doors. As a registered daycare center complying with nationwide regulations, Little Lukes creates a secure and engaging environment for children to develop and reach their individual goals.