Developmental Milestones Skills for 24-36 Months

Developmental Milestones Skills for 24-36 Months, 2-3 years

Use the guidelines listed below, from Syracuse daycare provider Little Lukes Preschool, to view what milestones toddlers 24-36 months old (2-3 years old) typically achieve at this age to get a better understanding of a child's developmental progress. 

Social and Emotional 

  •  Imitates adults and peers
  •  Expresses affection openly (hugs family members)
  •  Expresses a wide range of emotions (happy, mad, sad, silly etc.)
  •  Takes turns in games
  •  Understands possession concepts (mine, his/hers)
  •  Easily separates from parents
  •  Cooperates with other children
  •  Has trouble telling the difference between real and imaginary

Speech and Language 

  •  Follows 3-part commands
  •  Asks questions (who, what, where)
  •  Answers questions (yes/no, who, what, where)
  •  Uses 4-5 word sentences
  •  Understands most requests and most of what is said to him or her
  •  Experiences a large growth in vocabulary and is able to use a variety of words to name common objects, action words, pronouns (I, me, we) and familiar people (more than 800 words)
  •  Speech is mostly understood by strangers
  •  Understands position words in, on, and under


  •  Self-feeds finger foods
  •  Appears to hear well
  •  Appears to see well
  •  Uses fork and spoon with some spilling and reminders
  •  Drinks from open cup


  •  Sorts object by shape, color, and size
  •  Completes 3-4 pc. Puzzles
  •  Understands the concept of “two” (e.g. “get two cookies)
  •  Pretend plays with dolls, animals, and people
  •  Names some colors correctly
  •  Knows own name, age, and gender
  •  Begins to have a clearer sense of time (e.g. daytime, nighttime)
  •  Follows 3-part commands
  •  Understands concepts of “same” and “different”

Gross Motor 

  •  Runs well and is able to change speed
  •  Kicks a ball
  •  Able to walk on tiptoes
  •  Able to walk backward
  •  Balance on one foot
  •  Walks upstairs one foot at a time
  •  Jumps with two feet off the floor
  •  Jumps off the bottom step


Fine Motor

  •  Able to place an object in a container with good control and with wrist extended
  •  Holds crayons in fingers with the thumb pointed toward the tip
  •  Copies a side to side and up and down the line
  •  Begins to work fasteners
  •  Stacks a tower of 6 blocks and is able to copy a tower of 6 blocks
  •  Cuts with scissors across the paper or on a line

Each child develops at his/her own pace. Do not be alarmed if your child does not follow this exact sequence. If you have concerns about your child’s development, contact your doctor or set up an early intervention assessment