Choosing the Best Daycare Options in Syracuse and Oswego Area

Choosing the Best Daycare & Preschool Options in Syracuse and Oswego Area

Are you a parent of a young child?

Are you looking for a daycare that is more than just a daycare? A place that will help your child develop into their own person? A place with a curriculum that is structured to help your child's mind develop and make them the best they can be? All you have to do is type in either "daycare" or "preschool" and the first one that will pop up is Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center. Little Lukes is much more than a normal daycare, it is a certified preschool that teaches school readiness. Little Lukes have actual certified teacher who want to help your child succeed to the best of their abilities.


Look at several options for Daycare

If you are looking at a babysitter or home-based daycare, take a tour of Little Lukes so you can see your options. Little Lukes offers year round care. We only close seven holidays per year and we don’t take “sick days” like a home-based daycare might. When you send your child to Little Lukes it is putting them a step ahead. Not only is it a step ahead in their education but also socially as well.


Why preschool over babysitter?

According to Teresa Lentzer, the program director of Little Lukes Preschool & Childcare Center in Fulton, "Placing children in preschool rather than with a babysitter offers them the opportunity to become accustomed to the classroom setting, structure and routine before entering Kindergarten. A center based preschool program typically has a larger, more thoroughly trained staff of teachers than a home day care. This offers a greater opportunity for children to be matched with a teacher they can really connect with," continued Teresa.


Preschool Helps Socially and Academically

Little Lukes preschool program differs from others as our teachers are all certified and specialize in early education or special education. Our preschool classes are all integrated offering typical children and those with special needs the opportunity to learn alongside each other reinforcing social awareness and empathy.


Developing Life-Long Passion for Learning

The best aspect of Little Lukes are the teachers therapists and staff in each building. Our mission is to influence children’s early education experience in the most positive way possible. By doing so the staff are helping children become excited to go to school and develop a life-long passion for learning.


Since our children are amazing we want to give them the best. Little Lukes not only provides a safe place for your child to be during the day, but we also enhance the child's performance on multiple levels in multiple fields. A babysitter is fine for date nights. If you want your child to be with professional teachers who want to develop your minds, then Little Lukes if the place to go! 

For a tour of a Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center near you, schedule an appointment online or call today!