Being a Speech Pathologist Runs in the Family.

Being a Speech Pathologist Runs in the Family.

How did she know speech pathology was for her?

Most people do not dream of becoming a speech pathologist. Most people do not even know what Speech pathology is. Emily Mears is an exception, growing up her mother was a speech pathologist. When we asked Mears why speech pathology she said, “I’ve always wanted to work with children, but not necessarily in a large classroom setting. I enjoy working with children one-on-one or in a small group, that way I can really get to know the child’s personality. Speech therapy isn’t always a job that people are aware of, but I’ve always known about it because my mother is a SLP, so I had the opportunity to ask questions and see what the profession entailed. Once I started my speech courses in college, I knew it was the job for me!”


Why join Little Lukes?

Emily Mears started working at the Pulaski Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center in August 2016. Emily has always lived in CNY and had been aware of Little Lukes for several years.  When Mears was finishing up her medical placement for graduate school in a nursing home where therapy services were provided by Rehab Resources, she was contacted by Little Lukes to see if she was interested in a speech therapy job with the company after graduate school. Emily has always wanted to work with children, and was excited to work in a center-based preschool position.



What does an average day look like?

Being a speech pathologist is a lot of fun and work. Each day is a new challenge. To help children reach their goals. When asked what an average day looks like Mears said, “When working with the kids, I always try to incorporate play with the goals they are targeting. Playing, listening to stories, and making crafts are all natural ways for children to develop their language- so they don’t realize they are learning, they just think they are having fun!”


If you are interested in a Speech Pathology job at Little Lukes in the Syracuse, Oswego, or Watertown areas email apply or call (315)-326-3350. Little Lukes is proud offer CF jobs and Speech therapy jobs in Central New York.