Amazing Itinerant Speech Pathology Job with Young Children

Amazing Itinerant Speech Pathology Job with Young Children

Time and time again we allow a schedule to limit our passion. We sometimes find ourselves asking, am I missing out on a greater opportunity?

PASSION – Kiersten Grabowski, an itinerant speech pathologist at Little Lukes, shares her passion for serving the children of Oswego and Onondaga County during their learning process. “I quickly found that I loved working with children with special needs!” Grabowski stated.

Kiersten started her journey as a 1:1 Aide where she was fortunate enough to accompany children to their speech sessions. She added that, “[I] enjoyed being able to be a part of their learning process and watch them grow.” It was then that she realized she wanted to become an itinerant speech pathologist.

OPPORTUNITY – Thereinafter, Grabowski decided to join the Little Lukes team as an itinerant speech pathologist. What drew her to Little Lukes? Opportunity. Not only does Little Lukes provide Kiersten with the opportunity to work with the population she loves, it also allows her to work a flexible schedule with the latest technology at her fingertips. “…I choose my schedule to some degree while also working with other parents and providers schedules,” explained Kiersten.

FLEXIBILITY – Being an itinerant speech pathologist for Little Lukes does not limit Kiersten’s passion of working with children with special needs.  “I work in a variety of settings,” she explains. She is able to see children for therapy in their homes and in a daycare or preschool setting. Although, Grabowski shares that there are some challenges with itinerant work, such as balancing working at home, she adds that she is, “…able to work with a few other therapists directly while doing evaluations, which is great. It is fun to work together and be able to bounce ideas off each other.”

What a great decision Kiersten made to join Little Lukes as an itinerant speech pathologist. Not only does the company supply her with the latest technology, which eliminates the shuffle of paperwork, she also sets her own work schedule, which allows her to access children in a variety of settings. Do you enjoy being around like-minded therapists? 

Becoming an itinerant therapist for Little Lukes does not exclude you from our supportive atmosphere. We are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families every day. So what is stopping you?  Apply today by email