5 Fun & Educational Activities with Little Lukes Teacher Tracey

5 Fun & Educational Activities with Little Lukes Teacher Tracey

Meet Little Lukes Special Education Teacher, Tracey!

Tracey has been a part of the Little Lukes family for 2 years and a Little Lukes Teleteacher for almost 3  months when we added virtual services for our special education children during COVID-19. One question Tracey gets a lot during this time is how parents can continue to encourage learning outside of their virtual session with her. Virtual sessions last about 30 minutes depending on the child’s individual education plan or family service plan, so Tracey has come up with a stockpile of at-home learning games. “I try to find activities that the parents and the children will enjoy together. It is really important to me to teach with a family centered approach because I have a daughter with mild Cerebral Palsy and I know how important it is for families to know they are valued as their child’s first teacher.”

Here are five everyday activities parents can use as a fun and educational opportunity with their child. Teacher approved!

I Spy Numbers

Go on a scavenger hunt throughout your home and look for multiple items that can be counted. For example, “I spy four spoons in the dishwasher!” When your child spots items to count, have them count the items out loud, one by one. “I spy one, two, three, four spoons!” When you are done, play with a die. Roll it and have your child practice counting the dots, then ask them to write the number on a piece of paper. Here is a fun music video to watch about counting household things!

Water Painting

“Paint” fun pictures on your sidewalk or porch with water and a clean paintbrush, then count how long it takes for the water pictures to evaporate and disappear. When you are done, watch this video on why water evaporates in the sun.

Hot and Cold

Let’s do a science experiment! Name two things that are hot and two things that are cold, then make popsicles with your favorite juice. Loving the hot and cold activities? Here is a video with instructions for several fun hot and cold water experiments. 


Watch this fun pirate nursery rhyme video, then draw a treasure map and have an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt. Don’t forget to wear your pirate clothes!

What is Yellow?

Let’s go on a walk! Take a walk down the street or to the park and ask your child to point out everything that is yellow. Before you head outside, don’t forget to listen to the yellow song!

Sign Up for Virtual Sessions with a Little Lukes Special Education Teacher or Therapist

Teletherapy at Little Lukes is an online occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech pathology, or special education session via video conferencing. The Teletherapy sessions are 30 minutes with a licensed OT, PT, SLP, or Special Education Teacher and are based on the services, frequency and length of time named in a child’s pre-existing IEP (individualized education plan) or IFSP (individualized family service plan). An adult must be present in the same room during the Teletherapy session, and may need to help the child with simple tasks and instructions. At the end of the session, the adult must sign a daily electronic signature form.

Teletherapy sessions are by appointment only. Teletherapy is only available for children who already have an IEP or IFSP with Little Lukes. To sign up for Teletherapy sessions for your child, please call Lori at 315-326-3346 or email LL@littlelukes.com with your name & child’s name.