Infant Program

Early Learning Infant Program

Little Lukes Early Learning Infant program is focused on the natural curiosity and energy of very young children. We'll provide your infant with lots of attention, a variety of appropriate activities, stimulating conversation, caring and nurturing so that your baby's world is fun, exciting, interesting, safe, and loving. Your child will be with a caregiver in one of our special centers where he or she will experience various experiences specially designed to meet your infant's needs.

A Stimulating Environment

Our Early Learning Infant program provides an inviting environment designed to enhance your baby's development while allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace. At Little Lukes, we provide a soft, welcoming and nurturing environment so that your baby feels comfortable yet stimulating enough to invite them to participate and engage in various activities. We surround babies with attractive pictures, mobiles, colors, and soft toys to stimulate activity and encourage exploration. Our safe, age-appropriate equipment, and soft, cuddly toys are designed to meet your baby's developmental needs. We talk to infants, hold them, rock them, and play with them to encourage normal movement as part of development. We also work with your baby to form a basic trust.

We show your baby that his or her needs will be met and that this is truly a wonderful new world with all sorts of pleasant experiences. Once babies learn to trust, they will respond openly and securely to new things, acquaintances, and challenges.

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