Top 10 Questions on Providing Itinerant Speech Therapy Services for Children

If you enjoy working with young children and have a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology, consider itinerant speech therapy.  There is excellent income potential and a flexible schedule.  Speech Pathology Jobs in the early intervention field are increasing in Syracuse, Watertown and Oswego NY.  

What are Speech Language Pathology Job Tasks?

A SLP job in early intervention is multifaceted, challenging, and rewarding. Each day is different from the next. You may have several roles and responsibilities, including

  • Assessments -- Participating in evaluations to determine whether a child is eligible for early intervention services.
  • Home visits -- Working with infants and toddlers and their families in their home or similar environment.
  • Clinical supervisor – Oversee graduate students or CFY fellowship students in speech language pathology looking for experience working with pediatrics.

What is a Typical Caseload for Itinerant Speech Pathologist?

The children that you work with are under five years old. Many are eligible to receive early intervention services because they have significant developmental delays or certain risk factors. These may include receptive and expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorders, hearing loss, Down Syndrome, and Global Developmental Delay.

How do you Collaborate with an Evaluation Team?

You collaborate with a team of evaluation therapists during assessments, because you do those in groups to have a multi-disciplinary team. The other disciplines include occupational therapist, physical therapist, school psychologist, and special education teacher.  

What are Unique Benefits of an Itinerant Speech Pathology Job?

Itinerant speech therapists love the flexible schedule!  You manage your own calendar and schedule, so there is tremendous flexibility.  You may have 5-10 families per day for home visits, depending on the length of visit prescribed for each child.  Mileage is also fully tax deductible as an itinerant therapist. 

Is there Parent Involvement in Speech Services?

You will work hard to empower parents, and encourage them to see themselves as their child's best teachers. Being able to work with the child within the home is so important; it's one of the best things about the job.

What about Technology and iPads?

Little Lukes puts emphasis on technology advances, including using iPads for contemporaneous notes and signatures.  This cuts down on evenings of paperwork, because you already completed your notes while at the child’s home. 

Which Other Services Include Itinerant Educators?

SLPs are not the only professionals who provide itinerant services. Some examples of related disciplines with itinerant services are occupational therapy, physical therapy, special education, teachers for blind and visually impaired, and teachers for deaf and hard of hearing. These itinerant educators play a big part in meeting the needs of all children with disabilities. Itinerant educators may collaborate and work together when providing services to children, or they may see the children in one-on-one sessions.

What Other SLP Job Settings Should You Consider?

When considering SLP jobs, look at several options for settings.  There are a variety of paths you can take in this field, including working in preschools, school districts, hospitals, skilled nursing & rehabilitation centers, and private clinics.  You need to go to graduate school and earn a master's degree to become a licensed speech language pathologist.

Who is the Leader in Central New York for Itinerant Speech Language Pathology Jobs?

Little Lukes is the leader in pediatric therapy in Syracuse, Oswego and Watertown NY areas.  You can count on Little Lukes as a top choice for speech language pathology jobs in Central New York.   Training and continuing education includes TouchPoints for early childhood.  Locations include Central New York and Upstate New York, such as Onondaga County, Oswego County, Jefferson County, Lewis County, St Lawrence County, Oneida County, Madison County and Cayuga County.  Little Lukes has speech pathology itinerant jobs in Syracuse NY, Oswego NY, Watertown NY and surrounding areas. 

How Do I Apply to Learn More?

Little Lukes has options for “full time perdiem” with benefits or “part time perdiem” based on how many hours/sessions per week you work. To apply, email or call 315-326-3345.  

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