Quality Oswego County Preschool Proves to be more like A Parenting Partner

For many parents, finding a child care facility which meets all of their criteria can be difficult. For Carole, finding a child care facility where she felt RJ’s safety and well-being was a priority while being cared for was the hardest part in the selection process. Other requirements included being an approved facility with NYS OCFS, a convenient location, and care that takes into consideration her varying work schedule. RJ first began at Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center in Fulton when he was 9 weeks old. Carole added that, “yes, Little Lukes has met every requirement of ours since day #1!”

“Little Lukes is more like a parenting partner... they have the same goals for our children as we do and we are all working together to bring those goals to fruition”Carole, Little Lukes Mom

RJ’s situation was unique and required much additional coordination and attention—he was a foster child born addicted to opiates. This meant being taken out for several supervised parental visits, caseworkers coming by Little Lukes to check on his developmental growth and well-being, and going through withdrawal symptoms. Although Carole felt she often asked too much of Little Lukes with all the additional assistance and coordinating necessary for RJ, the Little Lukes staff offered to help in any and every way possible. Carole adds that, “without all of these amazing people working together, our son and our life would not be what it is today and we are forever grateful.”

Something that truly stood out to RJ’s parents was the dedication from the top director, down to the substitute and closer to ensure our children are all kept safe and happy. If ever there is an issue that arises, “it is dealt with immediately and I always feel like it is taken as seriously by Little Lukes staff as it is by me.” Little Lukes makes sure to alert Carole of any concerns, keeping her informed and assured they are giving excellent care to RJ. This has made Carole feel “there has been a very strong and caring bond with his teachers”.

From an academic and social standpoint, the schedule and routine at Little Lukes has helped him to thrive in a scheduled setting and helped him to make friends. The Little Lukes staff, “make learning fun—from infancy when they don’t even know they are learning, up to pre-school. RJ’s knowledge and understanding of so many worldly things are directly attributed to something he learned in pre-school.”

While Little Lukes may be a larger facility than say a small in-home type provider, you still get such personalized attention and communication. Little Lukes is always there when you need them... you never have to worry about scrambling to find care so you can go to work because your provider calls you sick one morning. Even available on the snowiest of days so far! They provide care from early in the morning to later in the evening accommodating most schedules. They are very accessible...if you have a question or concern, just ask. It will be addressed quickly and the director is always available and willing to meet with you. The front desk staff are so helpful and kind and you are always met with a smile and a “have a nice day”. The social skills and lessons they learn are invaluable. Little Lukes is more like a parenting partner... they have the same goals for our children as we do and we are all working together to bring those goals to fruition”, says Carole.

When asked if she would choose Little Lukes all over again, Carole responded, “yes, and we did!” Her daughter started at Little Lukes at 8 weeks old and recently turned 1 year old. She encourages other parents hoping to find a child care facility to take a tour and meet the caring educators Little Lukes has to offer. “The bar is set a bit higher at Little Lukes”, it gives us peace of mind with added safety and security measures they have in place. 

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