Occupational Therapy at Home Builds a Positive Career for Little Lukes Employee

Caitlin Coughlin has always wished to be involved with a career aimed at helping others. Her mother is a kindergarten teacher, from a very young age Caitlin knew she wanted to follow in her footsteps. Caitlin would always help out in her mom's classroom whenever she had a break from school. She enjoyed working with children and seeing the positive impact she could have on their lives.

When Caitlin was in high school, she started observing occupational, physical, and speech therapists. In therapy, she could provide one on one or small group support to children who needed a little extra help. By using games and fun activities, she watched as the children challenged themselves without knowing they were addressing a certain skill. Caitlin quickly realized she belonged in occupational therapy; she began to understand the theory behind it. “You tailor a unique program to each child and focus on helping them to improve at their "occupation". At this stage in life, their occupation was to play, sit in a classroom, write, cut, color, copy information from the board, etc.” says Caitlin.  

What Set Little Lukes Apart from other Preschools in Central New York?

Caitlin Coughlin is now an Occupational Therapist, working in affiliation with Little Lukes. She travels to the homes of children who require extra care.

“While at Sage Graduate School, I knew that I wanted to work for a company that was as enthusiastic about occupational therapy and children as I was. When I graduated in December, I was immediately on the lookout for a great first job where I could have a positive impact on children. When I applied for the job, I received a phone call from the recruiter within one day. I was amazed at the interest that she had in me. We talked like old friends and I immediately felt like this company could be a good fit for me, and it has been. I've been met with friendly, helpful people who have been happy to have me be a part of the Little Lukes team. All therapists have been positive and team-based, focusing solely on the best interest of the child. Everyone in the office is helpful and knowledgeable. Even if they don't know the answer to a question, they will do the research needed in order to find out the answer. I chose and continue to choose to work for Little Lukes because of the support and love for children.”

Are there Any Obstacles you Face from At-Home Occupational Therapy?

It is clear that being in a home environment is quite different than being in a school setting. We asked Caitlin what was it really like to do Occupational Therapy within the home. Caitlin replied, “The most difficult experiences at homes would be when you feel you aren't wanted or appreciated for being there. What I mean by that is that it makes it difficult if the parent isn't involved in the therapy so that carryover can occur when you aren't there. Another difficult thing is that you can't control the environment. If the environment is distracting, there is only so much that you can do in order to control this. However, doing OT in the home can be an amazing experience! You get to work closely with and get to know the families very well. You also get to see the environment that the child lives in and tailor your approach to their specific environment. Most parents welcome you into their home with arms wide open.”

Caitlin continues to make a difference in her career as an occupational therapist. She enjoys her job because of the positive impact she has on children’s lives every day.

If you are interested in an Occupational Therapy job at Little Lukes in the Syracuse, Oswego, or Watertown areas please email apply@littlelukes.com or call (315) 326-3345. Little Lukes is proud to offer SLP, CF jobs and speech therapy jobs in Central New York.

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