Make Time for Family Time: From the Classroom to the Living Room

Life with kids is busy. We may need to schedule time to connect with our kids each day. 

Taking the time to enter their world sends the message that he/she is important. This helps the child to explore creatively and reduce stress. Understanding how your child thinks and what he/she is interested in greatly enhances your relationship.  

There are several things parents can do to enhance their relationship with their children at home. 

Power Down:

At mealtimes turn off the electronics and talk with children as a family. This will give them a sense of connection. You want your child to know that you care about what they did or learned that day. Setting aside designated family meal times greatly enhances relationships. 

Story Time:

Make time to read to your child. Reading to children has been shown to have many advantages both socially and educationally. It is also a bonding activity for a child to sit with a parent/caregiver and read. This also enhances the importance of reading and creates a shared interest. 

School in the Real World:

Play games such as “I Spy” in the car while driving. Listening to children’s music is also a good alternative. At Little Lukes, Preschool and Childcare Center we love to teach the children numbers, letters, rhyming, etc. and we know the importance of continuing that knowledge outside of the classroom.

Something to Look Forward to:

Families can also create traditions with children that they can look forward to each week such as family game night, family movie night or craft night. Let your child be creative in creating the tradition. Activities like these bring families closer and are always a fun way to unwind.  

These fun tips are from Penny Lupo. She has a Bachelors of Science in early childhood education and her master’s in mental health counseling. Lupo has worked in childcare for more than ten years as a preschool teacher, program coordinator and center director. Lupo is licensed by NYS as a mental health counselor and is certified by The National Institute for Relationship Enhancement as a play therapist. She has a great passion for working with children, teaching them and helping them grow.

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