7 Advantages of a Center-Based Childcare Center in Fulton, Oswego, Pulaski, Radisson and Dewitt

 1. Structured:

Many parents like daycare centers because they offer a formal, structured environment,” according to babycenter.com.   Our Little Lukes preschool programs are increasingly structured, as the children ages 3-5 prepare for kindergarten and learn to stay on task and cooperate with the other children in the classroom.   The toddler’s day includes a mix of different activities to teach different skills, such as singing, dancing and painting, in a structured and methodical way to develop the left and right brain.

2. Certified:

Daycare centers are inspected for licensing purposes, caregivers are supervised, and a director oversees the entire daycare center.   There are strict rules we follow as a licensed daycare center in Fulton, NY – Oswego, NY – Pulaski, NY – Radisson, NY – and Dewitt, NY.  This includes adult: child ratios, healthcare, certifications and education, and safety inspections by the licensers.

3. Convenient Hours:

Childcare center have set rules for parents to follow, such as pickup and drop-off times.  At Little Lukes our centers are open 6:30am-6:30pm Monday through Friday in Oswego, Fulton, Radisson and Dewitt.  The hours in Pulaski NY are 6am – 6pm.   Many parents find the extended hours allow time for a commute or quick errands after work, for a stress free evening with the kids.

4. Stability:

The daycare center arrangement is more stable, compared to a nanny or relative providing care, because the center agrees to watch over your child regardless of whether a teacher is sick or tardy.  Little Lukes childcare centers are closed only 7 observed holidays per year, two of those used for staff training to simplify the care for working families.

5. Experts:

Daycare staff are trained in child development and how to nurture evolving skills.  Little Lukes teachers and TA staff are certified teachers or teacher assistants with a specialty in early childhood education and related fields.  Award winning curriculum is developed by certified teachers and tested to ensure it exceeds state standards.

6. Social:

Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers in childcare can benefit from the chance to socialize with other children within their age group.  Parents have the opportunity to meet other parents, and some children in the childcare center find lifelong friends.  As you pick up and drop off your children, you see the same faces of other working parents in your community.  These families will also be present in your child’s elementary school and as you participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and dance.

7. Smart:

Ongoing research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development suggests that children in quality daycare centers may even have an intellectual edge over those in other kinds of care. When researchers compared kids in quality daycare to those in other, equally high-quality childcare situations, children in centers performed a little better on tests.


Choosing a childcare center is one of the most important decisions in the first years of your child’s life.  Little Lukes Preschool and Childcare Center is happy to schedule a tour at your convenience.  Come meet our caring educators, ask questions of our director and certified teachers, and feel the difference of a high quality center-based daycare with a laser focus on early childhood excellence. 

We have licensed childcare centers in Pulaski, Fulton, Oswego, Dewitt and Baldwinsville NY with childcare for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years including infant, toddler, preschool and school age care.  Call today for a tour, or schedule online at http://www.littlelukes.com/ccscheduleatour.html 

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